Monday, April 20, 2015

Baby Shower

Baby Shower for my DIL, Christy, held Sunday Afternoon -

Before the guests arrive, Christy sees the surprise element her friend Amber provided for the shower. Here's a closer look....

Kidney shaped cookies....with or without stones!! SO funny! Christy's one kidney has been defining this pregnancy. Where do you find a kidney shaped cookie cutter, you may ask. Amazon, of course. Who knew?

Niki, Amber's sister, made this. 
It's goes in a picture frame but the frame was used for hanging little whales on which the guests wrote sentiments for Christy. What a cute idea!

Niki is SO talented! What a treasure for the Mommy. 

Guests arrive. Thank God for this big room and our open was filled with guests!

Baby Carson and Baby Judah. Sweet little boys who will surely grow up to be great friends =)

After visiting and snacking on some yummy food, it was time to open the gifts. Zoe could hardly wait for this part!

She holds it high for everyone to see :)

Ryley wants to help the guests see the cute baby stuff too =)

It's a cute diaper bag from me. Mommy needs cute, I think :)

Now it's the BIG gift! From Christy's parents, a wonderful upholstered glider rocker chair. After all this girl has been through before this baby is born, she deserves some comfort when nursing the baby after!

After gifts were opened, it was time for cake and ice cream. 

I was told the cake was very was chocolate with raspberry filling. (Ordered from Country Table bakery) I had a gluten free cupcake instead. 

Now for some random pics of our fun afternoon....

Christy's sister, Lisa, holding Carson. 

Christy surrounded by her family...
L-R: SIL Katie, sisters Lisa, Donna, Laura, and her mom, Karen. 

Her brother, Ralph, joins them :)

Ralph is such a hoot...he said, it's a miracle! meaning his 'baby bump'!!

These three were trying to get a selfie.... And almost went overboard :))

It looks like a baby is going to live here......really soon!!

Zoe and then cousin Ainsley used this car seat. (brother Aidan thinks it's too purple for a boy!!)

Borrowed from Carson. 

This swing was a gift from the shower, given by Christy's friend, Leslie. 

So happy for our son and his family to welcome another child. So happy for me, too. We live with them :)) Super excited!!


Jean Stauffer said...

What FUN!!!! So excited for all of you!

Linda E said...

A very special time in your life, and of course theirs! Prayers for a healthy baby and Moma. Such nice gifts and useable too..

Mari said...

What a fun time! I love the whales and those cookies are sooo cute!

Karen said...

The decorations and gifts are so sweet. Looks like all the ladies and little ladies had a wonderful time! It won't be long now till the little one arrives!

Laura Scott-Wise said...

I had so much fun!! I can't wait to meet my little nephew!!!

Theresa said...

What a fun shower! I love seeing all of your family enjoying their time together! Living with a new baby is gonna be FUN for sure! Enjoy your day dear Doris, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, I get tears in my eyes seeing these wonderful pictures and knowing that you and I both were moving about this time last year. You ALL look so happy; God has truly blessed us. Praying for the new baby and mommy. I know you are all so excited.

Susan said...

I know you're having the time of your life with your grandbabies and grand to come!!! What a fun shower & how blessed your family is with you!