Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's a beautiful day

Guess where I am.

I'm certain you guessed it! 

I hear birds singing all over these woods. It's just the kind of music I need for today. 

It's not real balmy out here....

But it's good enough to sit a spell and breath in some glorious fresh air. 

The snow is melting. 

Most areas are completely rid of the white stuff. Ours is slowly leaving. 

Look who came to join me....

She even came with a beautiful cup of coffee especially for me. Looks like she will be joining me with a cup for herself. I love this sweet girl....and she loves me too. I know because she just told me :)

I will enjoy today even as the skies are becoming cloud covered and the sunshine is disappearing. 

Ok, now I'm cold. Heading inside! 



Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We too are seeing the snow oiles dwindle on city side streets, Doris. Looks like thatbporch will be in use for daily sit downs before too long and it was nice of Zoe to bring you a cup and share.

Jean Stauffer said...

Absolutely lovely!

Theresa said...

Yeah to sunshine, blue skies and snow melting! What a sweet little one to spend your day with! Ain't life grand:) HUGS!

Linda E said...

A pretty day and sweet little one just makes your day. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Glad you could sit a while and listen to birds and breathe fresh air. Little Zoe is so sweet. Have a good night.

Mari said...

It hit 60 here on Monday, today was cold again but the sun was shining!
Your granddaughter is a cutie and I know you had fun with her!

Karen said...

That's a nice cup of coffee and a beautiful girl to share it with!