Friday, March 13, 2015

All in a Week

From this....

To This.....

It's melting in a hurry
thanks to some very awesome temps this week!

This makes me very happy!!
Hope to soon find other bulbs that were planted last year.

$5 bunch of flowers will brighten my day, always!
(Barbie is just hanging out on my kitchen table ☺)

61 years ago today I was born to Paul and Mabel Witmer. I was their 5th child, the 4th girl. Three more girls were born to them after me. I'm thrilled to be chosen by God for this family. I'm blessed beyond measure!

This isn't nearly all of us.
In fact as many that could be at this gathering last summer....
There are just as many that couldn't.

Paul and Mabel did good ♥

Mama and Daddy are with Jesus
and we are very blessed to have our Mary, Dad's second wife, with us.
(She is two people over on my left)
Oh how we love her!!

Blessings to you today!


Theresa said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I pray you find bulbs popping up all over the place:) It's like getting a surprise gift! Enjoy your day dear friend! BIG HUGS!

Linda E said...

Hope you have a happy birthday today! You certainly have a large family and that is a blessing. I am an only child and parents, g.parents all deceased. Enjoyed the 'snow' pictures then the 'soon to be spring' ones!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday! You certainly are blessed with a wonderful family. I feel I know quite a few of you because of following Jeans blog for so long.
It's so nice to see the snow melting. It's melting here too, but not enough to see any green yet. Soon though!

Mary Ellen said...

What a sweet post. Belated Birthday wishes. May you have a wonderful year.