Monday, March 2, 2015

a Birthday, a Treat, a Winter Day, a Pretty Pillow

Yesterday was my son's birthday. He is our only son and is surrounded by sisters, 5 of them! 

Here he is with his family. God blessed him with a wonderful wife and two children...the third child, a boy, will be born in May. We live with them and LOVE it!

To celebrate Corey's birthday, I made a family favorite dessert. Pudding Pizza. 

Because of our snow/icy weather yesterday, most of our kids decided to stay home instead of gathering here as they usually do on a Sunday. They were sad to miss this dessert....I will make it again, I promise. (It's been way too long since I made it)

Let me tell you something about this dessert....I've been making it for many, many years. 
When Corey and Christy were dating, this pudding pizza was a favorite of Christy's. She loved it and I made it often for her. C&C broke up and I was SO sad. I purposely did not make it till they got back together again. Nope, not once! Never informed anyone that I wouldn't be making it, just never did till she was back in the picture. We often chuckle about that :)

Yesterday it looked like this....

It started snowing in the morning...wasn't supposed to start till afternoon. 

It kept snowing and snowing all through church. It was still snowing after our fellowship meal following the service. 

It changed to sleet and freezing rain. That's called a yucky day!! 

This morning most schools had a two hour delay. Back roads take longer to get cleared. By the time I needed to take Zoe to preschool, the roads were ok. 

This is how it looks out there today..

Thrilled to see blue skies!

Ellen and I went shopping Saturday afternoon. It was a sunny day, and of course snow was in the forecast for Sunday. The mall was full!! She found some clothes she liked then we had a late lunch....

Really, Mom?? Of course, sweet girl, says her Mom :)

I enjoy Subway chopped salads! 

Before heading home we stopped at TJ Maxx. This was in the clearance area, I knew it was meant for our home. 
Love this pretty pillow!

Spring is on the way....I will make it happen indoors if it refuses to come outdoors. That much I can do!

Blessings to you this day!

P. S. For those who want the pudding pizza Chocolate Pudding Pizza. Taste of Home recipe should come up. That's the one I use. We like chocolate chip cookie dough and PB. I use ready to bake dough. Cream cheese in a tub is perfect for spreading on the cooled cookie. We love this dessert!


Anonymous said...

That's a cute story about the pudding pizza. Glad Ellen found some clothes she liked. Looks like you two enjoyed a great lunch. Hoping you get a warm up soon!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Corey! I liked the pudding pizza story. Looks like you had fun with your granddaughter, and the pillow is so cute!

Theresa said...

Love that Spring pillow:) Pudding pizza? Never heard of that but LADY, it sure looks YUM! Ellen sure looks precious in that pictures, I know you both enjoyed your day! Have a blessed snowy day dear friend! HUGS!

Jean Stauffer said...

I never heard that pudding pizza story before! I'm so glad C & C got back together, haha!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated birthday wishes to Corey and glad you all had such a wonderful dessert even if the rest of the family couldn't make it for the celebration.