Thursday, February 5, 2015

What's Happening at our House

Wow, it's Thursday. Already! This week has flown by.

Not much new around's still cold. And windy. Except for yesterday. One day, yesterday, it was near 40 and sunny and delightful! I felt like ditching my coat and bringing out the flip flops☺ Well, maybe not the flip flops.

Here's a few great things happening....

  • Look at my new hand mixer.....
It's green ♥

I love the color green. I've not had a hand mixer in ages. Sometimes I just don't feel like pulling out the big Kitchen aide when a small mixer will do the job. My daughter, Kim, got me this one for Christmas. There was a mistake in the delivery so it came after Christmas. She wrapped a box with the picture of it for me to open. Cute!! I have put it to good use several times.

  • We were hungry for cake on Sunday. So Zoe and I got to work and we mixed up a chocolate cake. It was Super Bowl Sunday so we tried to decorate to celebrate the game. 
We tried ☺

I was told it was very good. I had a tiny sliver. 
(because this cake is not gluten free!)

  • My family pulled together a wonderful party even though we didn't do a stitch of planning ahead. 
These two bring lots of fun to our bunch....
Scott (married to our Marcy)
Lynn (married to our Greta).

Love the expressions!!

Lynn is frying wings.
Scott is working on several sauces.

The wings were out of this world good!!

Scott's parents joined us for the evening. It was so good to have them here, They have hosted our family for many a Super Bowl over the years. 

  • The kids had such a good time dancing at half time. Actually, Brinley and Zoe started before half time!
They were so much fun to watch!

Paityn and Aidan do their share of dancing too!

What a wonderful family time, once again. Most of our family are Eagles fans, but were rooting for  Seattle on Sunday. Everyone but Ellen and Aidan. They were happy campers at the end of the game!

  • I keep working at putting away Winter and getting out the hearts. Yesterday I was able to get out and purchase a few cheap inexpensive things to add to the few items I already have. I decorated the wreath.....
None of the pictures got very good.
I think it looks better than this.
(pardon the battery box hanging there....I didn't see that before the picture was taken!)

I'm working on the mantle.
I enjoy decorating!

  • I did a lot of laundry today. The last load is in the dryer. It's soon time to get Aidan at the bus stop. Then I must make dinner for the family. Not for me, though, because the 'Basement Girls' are going out for dinner tonight. Can't wait! Who are the Basement Girls? 5 ladies who had offices in the basement....only one of us is still there. The rest of us have moved on but we love getting together several times a year. We all feel blessed by our continued  friendship. 
Blessings to you on this cold and blustery Thursday! Bundle up, stay warm!


Jean Stauffer said...

How fun that you get together with former co-workers. I wish I could do that.

Your decorating is always so beautiful. I'm embarrassed to say that my decorations stay the same all year long except for Christmas.

Theresa said...

Oh what fun! I love getting together, cooking, eating, dancing and laughing:) YUMMY looking cake! Enjoy your night out dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Linda E said...

I missed reading your blog last night. There just isnt anything as precious as time with our families. Sounds like you had good fun, good food, and the little ones enjoyed the 'game' as well. lol

White Lace and Promises said...

I LOVE your kitchen! There's nothing I like better than being with my family and EATING:) Your kitchen looks big enough for my family to fit in. I know you enjoy it. I don't need a large one. I don't do much cooking.