Saturday, January 17, 2015

Birds and old Photos

Yesterday Gina and I went shopping at the Outlets. It was getting dark when we decided to stop at the mall. The birds that gather in that area at dusk is something straight out of a Hitchcock movie. I'm not kidding. The sky and trees and roofs at the Mall and surrounding area is filled with birds. 

Every dot is a bird. 

My phone could not capture this amazing/eery sight. But I tried!

It's nuts!

On Thursday my sister posted this old picture on Facebook. I think she said it was taken In 1981. Apparently my parents had a Grandchildren sleepover. (I sorta remember it) Our daughter Kim is at the end of the table. It was so much fun to read all the comments from the kids in this picture.... The comments came from all over the USA and the world because that's where these kids now are! 

My Mom is on the right. Only her arms and a bit of her face is showing.  This is the house we just moved from. My Mother passed away in November 1982 and we moved there a month later. Our kitchen looked like that till just a few years ago :)

Here's another picture she posted that day ....

This was a sister weekend in Gloucester MA 1992.  My sister Betty (in the purple jacket) lived there. I'm in that picture but I'm not saying which one I am :) Barb was not on this trip. 

We had such fun times whenever we were together. Wish.... Yes, I do....wish we could do it again. Janet lives in heaven, how we miss her! The rest of us  live such busy lives in 4 different states and it's hard to get away. We do stay in touch thanks to FB and we do have regular family retreat weekends. That's special....but the fun when we sisters get away from it all, is fun unmeasured!!


Jean Stauffer said...

We were missing Barb at that sister weekend. In those early years after their move to Idaho she wasn't able to come East every year. It would be such fun to do it again. I hope we can figure out a way.

Theresa said...

Love that picture from SO many years ago! Nothing sweeter that Sisters! I know that you girls will get together soon, it's a must:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Barb said...

I hope too we can make it happen and I am not missing any of it!!