Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Princess has a Party

Brinley is 3 years old! Her party was held at her home on Sunday evening. Our Princess was super excited!

She waits for guests to arrive. 
Soon she says, Nonnie is here!! She runs to the door :)


Game playing :) Aidan, Paityn play and Nolan watches. 

Soon time for dinner. 

It was all so yummy!

This is MY birthday! She is in charge on her day :)

Is it time yet??

Go for it, Princess Brinley!

And she does :)

Little helpers pick up the paper. 

The Princess changed her outfit :) 
She loved the dress that Aunt Kimmy gave her... then she danced with Zoe. Nana's heart is melting while watching these two :)

They play with Brinleys new baby doll  

Time for cake!

Happy Birthday dear Brinley...

Happy Birthday to you!

She blows and she blows :)

Lots of choices of ice cream to go with the cake :) 

Cookies too!

Brinley, we had so much fun at your party! We love you so much. Have a fun year being 3!


Jean Stauffer said...

She is such a little dolly!! Such fun pictures!

Cattails said...

She looks beautiful! What a happy time for everyone.

Mary Ellen said...

What a special evening. I enjoy Brinley's smiles, and seeing the cousins have fun together.


Now that is a birthday dinner ... and dessert.


White Lace and Promises said...

She is definitely a little princess. All of your babies are precious!

Susan said...

Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Brinley! What a wonderful birthday party & family memories ... God bless you all, my friend!