Monday, October 27, 2014

Fun week end; My pretty world

It was to Rehoboth Beach for me this past Friday. I know, I said my last beach trip for this year was about a month ago...
A group of friends that I have not seen in years asked me to join them on their beach get-away. They have asked me to go several times over the years but it never suited me. This year I said YES! So glad I was SO much fun!

We ate, shopped and shopped, played games (they lovingly and patiently taught me several of their favorites....I'm not much of a game player), talked about our lives, our kids and Grands, we looked at pictures. I enjoyed my time away tremendously. 

After shopping for hours at the Rehoboth Outlets on Saturday, we were hungry. I suggested Bethany Blues, a restaurant our family loves. None of the girls had been there they love it too :)

Cindy, Lydianne, Lisa

Brenda, me, Marilyn  

We went back to the house.....

Lisa and I decided to relax. 

The rest of the girls decided to play a game. 

We wanted to walk the boardwalk before heading home on Sunday. Rehoboth Beach must be a hopping place even in late October on a Sunday afternoon. We could not find parking! So, Marilyn drove to a spot where we could see the water... We looked, we enjoyed, we left! No pictures of the water. 

All too soon it was time to pack up, clean the house and head back to Pa. 

Lisa and Cindy rode together. The other 3, including me, rode with Marilyn in her van. Marilyn and her van transported us all around town for our escapades. Marilyn is a very good driver and we all appreciated her so much. 

Marilyn says goodby to Cindy. 

Locking up the house and away we go. 

Thanks, Lisa, for asking me to join you. I had a wonderful time!

Today is a beautiful Fall day. Our world on the top of this hill is absolutely beautiful. I had my lunch on the porch and enjoyed some crisp air. Was a bit chilly but not blanket chilly today :) 

So pretty!!

All the kids said we must take this pump trough with us when we move. I was reluctant, but seeing it like this in our back yard.... Yes, I'm glad we listened. 
(Hubby and son suggested placing it in a flower bed in the front yard...I've not agreed to that yet. We'll see )

Hubby hung my swing... Love it!!

Yes, it's a beautiful world. 

Hope you are enjoying this lovely day!


Jean Stauffer said...

You just keep making me jealous!! Just kidding! I'm really happy that your days are filled with so many joys.

Theresa said...

Sweet times:) I always enjoy seeing what you all do on your trips to the beach! Hope you are having a fun evening dear friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Your trip with old friends looks very relaxing. This is such a beautiful time of year. Glad you are still enjoying your porch.

White Lace and Promises said...

You look wonderful! What Fun times for sure. You are blessed to have friends like that!