Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Here's what we have been up to.........

We have been enjoying baby Carson
every chance we get!

 Fun at ChuckE Cheese!

Brinley, Zoe and Aidan enjoy some pizza.

Ellen won a boatload of tickets on this game!

Zoe wants to race =)

Brinley loved this horse ride!!

This is what Aidan got with his tickets!!
You should be scared, very scared ☺

Family means so much to me.....

Not a great photo 
this blesses me...
our kids around the kitchen table
chatting, laughing...
enjoying each other.
Ahhh, just beautiful!

Ellen LOVES Challenger Cheering!

She always does a high kick after saying her name ☺

We recently had a family gathering at Grandma and Aunt Nancy's home....

Such a beautiful back yard to relax in!

Everyone loves this swing!
(not a good pic...)

On Labor Day, our guys worked at cutting wood.....

Hubby worked some chunks off that huge log.
It will take a lot more work before we burn any of those chunks!!

Corey stacks some smaller stuff they cleared.

It was a hot and humid day....
breaks were necessary!

Brinley and Zoe.....

One morning last week 
Brinley came to play with Zoe.
They had so much fun! 
Both kids are missing their older sibling who went back to school.

After a hot and humid week (hotter than anything we had in all of August), we are now enjoying cooler weather. It's just beautiful!!
Wishing you a lovely Tuesday!


Jean Stauffer said...

It's so wonderful that the two little girls are closer (distance-wise) now. Hopefully they can have some more play dates like that. Lucky little girls!

I did not complain about the heat and humidity because I'm so dreading winter. But I confess, these cooler temps are really nice. At least it's not cold. Now if it could just stay like this, with maybe one month of winter, wouldn't that be the best thing ever?

Doris said...

One month of winter would be ok with me too!! Last week my hair was giving me fits...it finally dawned on me that it was the humidity that was causing it to be difficult! Forgot what humidity does, hehe....

White Lace and Promises said...

Nothing like time together as family. I'm headed to see mine this weekend. That baby is beautiful! How precious is that photo of his big sister holding him. Love.

Mary Ellen said...

It is great to see your kitchen has room for your family to gather around the table. I don't know how Dale & Corey cut wood on Labor Day. The humidity that day kept me inside most of the day. I think it must have been the hottest day of the summer.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's been hot here as well on the VA eastern shore and then we had 2 days of downpours and while it's supposed to be cooler, humidity is up here too, Doris. Another fun post of family pics!