Monday, June 16, 2014

This porch is for game playing ♥

It was a good day, Sunday, Father's Day. After church we ate at Caraba's with Corey, Christy, Aidan and Zoe and Marcy, Scott, Paityn and Brinley. The food was so good. The hostess knew Ellen from a past classroom....that was really special! She may see Ellen in the coming school year. She won't be helping in Ellen's classroom but she said all the classes do see each other. So cool.

After eating till we were stuffed, we headed to our house for some relaxation while the little ones played outside. And we ate again, of course. It was a rather light supper, sorta. We had a lot of dessert!

Then, it was time for game playing on the porch!

First it was UNO

Getting ready for Dominoes!

That game took a while!

Zoe has a snack and
Brinley contents herself playing a game
on Scott's phone...
that kept her busy enough to not mess up Scott's tiles =)

Before Brinley and Paityn head home again,
Zoe 'reads' a book to them =)
Love it!

Was SO nice not to have to get the kids up for school this morning. Summer vacation, yeah!!

Aidan is feeling good again. Yesterday was the first fever free day. That was a long time coming. We pray no one else catches that bug!

Bless you this beautiful and warm summer Monday. The sun is so welcome after the long dreary week last week. It's to be a hot week this week, will be watering the flowers for sure!


Anonymous said...

What fun pictures. So very thankful Aidan is better.

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh so much fun! Everyone looks like they are having fun! I just can't imagine having my babies so close that I can enjoy them anytime. Please pray that happens for me before they get too big to enjoy BonBon.

Jean Stauffer said...

What a great place for games! And yes, summer vacation is the best. I'm so glad Aiden is feeling better. It was good to see you Saturday, but I'm sorry I was so busy I didn't even have time to hang out with you. But I WILL have time in July!