Monday, June 9, 2014

Best Birthday EVER - says Aidan ♥

Saturday was grandson Aidan's 6th birthday. It was a good day. He and his family went mini golfing and had ice cream at a course very near our new home. He had a great time. But, Sunday was the day of the party. What a fun day! One is not surprised that he declared it the Best Birthday EVER!!

We had a wonderful lunch. People sat indoors and out.......

What's happening here?? 

Fun to come ☺

First, there are gifts for the birthday boy!

Aidan thanked everyone for the gifts, then it was time to head outside for some FUN!!

Water Slide Fun!!

Birthday boy gets a turn.

Nice catch by Uncle Ralph!!

There goes cousin Gavin!

Catch me if you can!

More cousins slide or wait their turn =)

Looks like Paityn is thrilled to have a turn =)

This is not just a kids activity =)

These faces tell a story of crazy fun!
(Christy's sisters Donna and Laura and brother Ralph)

GO Scott!!

Sibs Christy and Ralph =)

They wipe out the catchers at the bottom!
Who had the most fun...
kids or adults??
It was a blast for both!

We had spectators too.....

People watched from the deck, screened porch 
from the air conditioned comfort of our dining room with the big windows.
Love it!!

Thanks, Chris (the guy on the right holding the hose) for providing the fun!

Wait a minute...Chris needs a turn!

 This is his second time down the slide...evidenced by the trail of mud!

Time to clean up and head to the house...
Cake and Ice Cream time!

 Happy Birthday to you!
(setting was not correct, oops for the fuzzy pics)

Yeah for cake and ice cream!
Yeah for birthdays!!

May your 6th year be as much fun as your party was for everyone, Aidan!

You are an awesome kid!!


Theresa said...

What an awesome party! I enjoyed seeing everyone having a blast! Love the slip'n slide:) Sweet little one enjoying his party with a bunch of loved ones surrounding him! Thanks for the smile this evening! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Such fun photos of an awesome 6th birthday. Aidan looks overwhelmed at all the gifts! Perfect timing to have the party at the new house with lots of room for everyone.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like a wonderful first of many go come celebrations in your new home, adoris.

Granny said...

So many good memories in your new home!!! Happy Birthday, Aidan!!