Wednesday, April 30, 2014


While the thunder rumbles outside, I'll post some pictures. I think the worst of the storm is past.

Today was spent at home packing all day long. So many boxes and I'm not finished yet!


Here are some pictures of the progress in our bedroom, closet, and sitting area. It's exciting!

Drywall going up.
This is our little sitting room
looking towards the bedroom door.

The bedroom
looking towards the walk-in closet.
(I guess the sunlight produced the circles..??)

We are keeping the box shelves.
I want to paint them someday...
but not before we move.
No time left to do it!

Hubby was working on cutting the baseboard last evening.
The room is ready to paint,

Aidan helps to give the walls a light wash.

Christy and Aidan begin the paint party =)

Corey rolls the bulkhead.
I helped paint for about an hour. 
It's been years since I painted anything!

Corey finished painting Ellen's bedroom today.
She will love this pretty room!

Saturday is moving day. Looking forward to it and looking forward to it being over =) So happy that we do not need to empty our house by Saturday. Our buyers aren't moving in till the end of June. Whew....

Here's a picture I found last week while I was packing. I posted it on Facebook but not all my readers are on FB. 

Neighbor friends....

My two daughters ...
Gina, middle front row,
Greta, right back row.

Amanda, left front row.

 3 sisters... 
Erika and Michelle, left and middle back row,
Kara, right front row.

What's the significance of this picture, you ask?

The buyer of our home is one of those girls.

It's Kara!
She and her hubby and their sweet daughter 
and baby boy to be born in August,
will be the new occupants of our home ♥

How awesome is that?!!


Lots and lots of rain today and yesterday. The creeks are way out of their banks. I pray no homes become flooded. Sunshine is to return on Friday. How nice for Ellen, she has her IU Prom on Friday evening. She is very excited about that! 

Good night! Sweet dreams!


Jean Stauffer said...

That is a LOT of work! Wish we could be down there to help you move on Saturday.

Theresa said...

OH YES, PROGRESS is sweet! Love it that you are SO close to moving! I know you can't wait to get it done and start enjoying your new home! Sweet that you get to pass your home to someone you know and love! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for the updates, Doris. Your BR and Ellen's are looking good, although yours needed a lot more work, like construction­čśŐ how exicitng. Hooe the Sat move goes well.


Happy settling in.