Friday, April 4, 2014

No house today

Settlement postponed....again. Someday we will get our house ♥

In the meantime, I work in the attic organizing my junk =) Some of it will go with me when we move. I want it to be organized from the's a worthy goal, anyway.

It's a drizzly Friday. Seems like a good day to read a book. Not a chance today! But, read I did last evening. While Ellen attended a Bible Club at a church, I sat in my car and read. It was delightful!

I dream of the day when this room
is filled with family ♥

I dream of the day when
my Grands and I 
make many goodies in this kitchen....
starting with a chocolate cake!

May my dreams become a reality real soon.

Happy Friday to you!


Theresa said...

It will happen:) Can't wait to see a post that says... we're moving! Enjoy your day of organizing. You'll be so happy that you had this extra organization time when you get in your new home! BIG HUGS and prayers coming your way dear Doris!

Jean Stauffer said...

That kitchen is aMAZing!!!! It WILL be yours!

Karen said...

Waiting is so hard. Hope things work smoothly soon!!