Thursday, March 27, 2014

Snow Showers

Tuesday -
Snow showers pretty much all day.

Brave little blooms!
They are trying so hard to give us some color.

It kept snowing during the night, I guess...

Wednesday -

It was pretty....

But was so Cold and so Windy!!
It felt like January, not the end of March.

Thursday - 
We prepare for closing on our new home, which is scheduled for tomorrow!!
The septic tank replacement is completed. The company had to make a way to the back yard where there was not a way. Now that the project is finished, they wanted to know if they should put it back to the way it was. I went to the house this morning to take pictures to send to Corey and Christy so we could say Yes or No. On the way to the house, I met up with a big tractor and trailer backing up in the winding private road to the, I would not have wanted to be that driver!! It was coming to "our" house to pick up this big piece of equipment.

They had cleared brush and poured some dirt by the side of the garage to get to the back yard. I took some pics, sent them and gave my opinion. I think we should let it be. They helped us by clearing the area that we would have wanted to add steps (or something) anyway. Dale will have his workshop in part of the unfinished basement. The doors to the area are under the deck...this will be a nice start to better access. Cool! Thanks, guys!

I'll be posting more pictures after we take ownership. We are SO excited! Been a long time coming. God truly had a great home for us, we just had to wait =)



Jean Stauffer said...

Sooooooo excited for you!

Karen said...

This is really interesting weather! Large hail here and we are under a tornado watch. Come on, Spring!!

Barb said...

Such exciting times for all of you! I hope everything moves forward without difficulty and you can soon get moved.

White Lace and Promises said...

Love your new header. Congratulations on your closing. Glad that it is all coming together for you. Looks like you can see the ground now:)

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes smoothly. I am so happy for you. Have fun.

Theresa said...

Oh girl, it is getting close:) I am SO excited for you guys! Remember when you get moved, email me your new address! BIG HUGS and best wishes for a smooth move to your new home!

Weekend-Windup said...

Nice to see the change in the weather!