Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Progress

Progress has also been the key word at Marcy and Scott's house. We have not been able to get there to see it. I asked Marcy and Scott to send me pictures so I could post them. I know family members will be interested in seeing them.

Soon to be 
the Smith residence!
Marcy said the sun on the house gives it a pink tint...
but it's NOT pink!!

 Here (and the previous pic) you can see how they made it a smooth ride
from the driveway
 to the front door for Marcy ♥
What a blessing!

 Looking into the family room.

 The kitchen.

 Beautiful fireplace in the family room!

Chair rail in the dining room.
This room also has crown molding.

Flooring will be next.
Then the kitchen will be installed ♥

Have I said it lately how excited I am for them?!!


Jean Stauffer said...

Soooo beautiful!!

Theresa said...

Oh what a beautiful home! I am excited for them too:) Enjoy your day sweet Doris, HUGS!


So lovely.


Karen said...

This is awesome! It is a beautiful home. I am so happy for them!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The new year will be wonderful in their new home, which looks really nice and love the big kitchen too!

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled for them. It truly is lovely!