Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family ♥

I'm sure the readers of this blog know that I'm over the moon in love with my family. I am...and I'm not shy about it either!

This past Sunday we had the most wonderful time with some of my siblings. How I was looking forward to seeing my sister, Barb, from Idaho! We met at our sweet Mary's house in the afternoon then had dinner with the next generation (which was mostly my kids and grands) at the community center in Mary's development. A warm fuzzy kind of day ♥

 My brother's wife, Nancy, show Barb and John
 the book she made of photos from their trip to Idaho in May.

 This is Sammy,
the delightful grandson of my sister, Jean.
He is SO cute!!

Dinner -

 Soup - 
I made Cheeseburger soup and
Black Bean Chili

 Mary Ellen made Chicken Corn Noodle

 Sandwiches, veggies and dip
and more...

Pumpkin Pie!!
and an Apple pie, too.
All made by our Sweet Mary.
Her pies are SO good!

you cute little peanut!

 Big long table full of people I love ♥

 Shuffleboard - 
Aidan and Scott...

Grandma Mary and Paityn =)
Brinley over there with the Blue Rabbit.

 Gina and Kim came after they were finished working.
Love all these girls!

Mary Ellen, Barb and me.
Jeanie had a 2 hour drive home and left before this picture was taken.

Jeanie, Barb and I sang together
as a trio ever since we were little girls.
Of course, we sing when we are together...
and we still get the giggles, too!

Someone thought it would be nice to get a family shot
of us since most of my family was there,
even though Marcy and Scott's kids were dressed for bed.
Not sure what was so funny
but it must have been hilarious...
look at Ellen!

It's just hard to get this bunch to behave =)
I love them anyway!


Blessings! Happy Thanksgiving from our bunch to yours!


Jean Stauffer said...

How fun to relive it all again! Oh, I hated to have to leave before everyone else. )-:

Theresa said...

I love all of these happy times with the family! We feel the same way, nothing better than those memories made! Love the picture of you and your Sisters and OF COURSE the family shot put a big smile on my face:) Hugs coming your way and Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family!

Lois said...

What is Barb's married name? Her husband looks familiar, although I suspect he just reminds me of another man. Two of you girls are right pretty! ;-)

Mary Ellen said...

Great memories, and great pictures to help reminisce our time together.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Doris. You are sure to have more wonderful celebrations with the holiday season here now. The food also looked wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun....good food, too!