Friday, November 15, 2013

Almost a Week

It has been almost a week since I wrote a post. Time flies!

  • We recently passed two heartfelt anniversaries. Nov.7 was 31 years that my Mama went to heaven. I miss her so much. Some day I will go to my attic to gather some pictures of her to post. She was a very special lady but never thought that way about herself. Nov. 13 was 9 years that my sister Janet went to heaven. It was so unexpected. I still miss her tremendously.
Janet is on the left in the blue sweater.
This was taken the end of October just weeks before she died.
  • Don't hate me....I'm listening to Christmas music even though it's not yet Thanksgiving. I LOVE Christmas music. I LOVE Christmas. One month of it is just not enough for me...I must start early!
  • I'm watching Hallmark Holiday movies as I can, as well. Sure, some of them are cheesy...but I love them anyway. Nothing wrong with some feel-good warm-fuzzy stuff in my busy world ♥
  • I'm not wrapping gifts at Boscov's this year. Feels a bit sad but I just cannot fit in any time for it. Gina and I were doing some Christmas shopping today. She got her gifts wrapped and Fran was already working! It was so good to see that she was able to help this year. Last year neither of us were sure if we could do it again. I enjoyed working with her so much.
  • I'm working on the Women's Christmas Brunch at church. Nether I or the other leader feel like we have much time for this but we will put it on =)
  • I wish I could say I accomplished much this week. I don't feel like I did but my week went lickety-split fast!!
  • Zoe is a flower girl in a wedding tomorrow. Yes, I will post pictures as I can! Christy is in it too.
  • Aidan wants to bake cookies. Guess I should finish up this post!
Time to get the Christmas music started and bake some cookies =) Mmmmmmm!


Anonymous said...

God bless you as you remember loved ones who have gone on to Glory.

I've been hearing Christmas music in the stores. Down here in the south, it seems they turn the a/c real cold too to make it seem like the holidays!
Can't wait to see the wedding photos.
Have fun with Aidan baking cookies.

Jean Stauffer said...

Boy, I'm not even close to thinking about or feeling in the mood for Christmas. I have been putting all my attention into getting stuff together for the business meeting held last evening. The amount of reporting that is required to be handed in to the district superintendent is CRAZY !!! I am directing a mini-musical at Houserville, so that's Christmasy. I'll get there.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, the satellite radio in our cars is already playing holiday music on 1 channel, but I am not listening, yet. And yes stores have all the decoys out right after Halloween ended, but no shopping for me. Yes, I do enjoy the "cheesy" holiday movies, but we don't subscribe to any cable services, so I watch some on Netflix at the Y using the iPad and get exercise in too!

Joanne said...

I did listen to some Christmas music, but not really into it till after Thanksgiving . I don"t have time to watch Movies so I tape them and watch them sometime later, but it takes me weeks to I get through them. I wonder if I will have more time when I retire to do what I want to do. I guess I should stop complaining and be more thankful. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Granny said...

I've been missing your posts lately! I'm always on & off the computer in a hurry these days. I can sympathize with you on remembering these anniversaries... I've experienced both sudden passings & the long drawn-out ones in my family. Heaven is certainly a more beautiful sight with our loved ones.

As for Christmas movies -- I try to catch as many DVDs on sale as I can so that I can watch them year 'round. Cheesy???? Yeah -- I certainly do not need true to life movies... life is reality enough. .... PS -- I keep Christmas CDs in my car year 'round too to listen to :) .... Love & hugs to you, my friend, during this season of the year.

Theresa said...

Sweet picture of your Sister! We never know when our time is coming, living each day as if it is our last! I am trying to hold out on the Christmas music and decorations until after Thanksgiving... BUT I have been shopping for a while now:) Enjoy your day sweet Doris! BIG HUGS coming your way!