Thursday, October 17, 2013


United Disability Services = Challenger Football and Cheering (and a whole lot more!). 
Ellen is blessed to be given the opportunity to cheer. It's something she has always wanted to do. 
Last evening we attended the end of the season banquet. 
These kids are just the best!

Forgot my camera, again. Pictures are not very good with my phone =((

 Cylo was there!!

Our Cheerleader girls........

 The girls received a gift from the volunteer cheerleaders who help them.
Ellen is all smiles!

This is Deb....
she's the cheer leading coach for Donegal HS.
This lady is super special.
She, along with several of her cheerleaders, help our girls learn cheers.
If she couldn't be there, she arranged for the Middle School coach to bring some of her girls to help. 
We love her!!!

It looks like Fall around here!

 Last spring Aidan brought home from pre-school,
 a cup with a few Marigolds.
Look how those few little flowers produced =)

 Our pumpkins grew from seeds that happened to take root
from discarded pumpkins last fall!

And a touch of Summer lingers ♥

Love them!

Blessings to you today!


Joanne said...

that's wonderful that Ellen can cheerlead, I know that makes her happy. And yes the colors are beautiful . I see many but can't take pictures like I would like to.

Theresa said...

I love seeing Ellen with that big smile on her face:) She is adorable! You are really having some pretty Fall pictures! Have a blessed day dear Doris! BIG HUGS and Happy WEEKEND!

Jean Stauffer said...

You grew those pumpkins?? That is so cool!! My marigolds are staring to look kind of tired. They've had a longer life this year. Last year while we were in Florida they got frost and died. I'm loving our milder weather this fall - so far anyway.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The marigolds and pumpkins add the right color touches to the season, Doris. Glad to see Ellen and friends having such fun.

Anonymous said...

Great smile, Ellen. So glad you had the opportunity to cheer and thank the Lord for kind and dedicated teachers/volunteers.

Love your pumpkins and mums!