Friday, October 11, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain

The rain continues. It rained all night and so far, most of today. The creeks are out of their banks. Some area roads are closed due to flooding. We do not have a rain gauge, but I'm hearing others say we are at 6-7 inches. Maybe more.

Sadly, the Manheim Farm Show is over for this year. Everything is shut down. I was really hoping we would be able to eat there tonight. I didn't get to see the displays...was planning to see them last night. I feel so sorry for all the food stands which surely lost funds because of the rain. Each food stand at this show is a 'not for profit'....mostly churches and civic groups.

Praying for safety for all those who live in flood prone areas. Our town has seen too many floods/near misses the last several years.

Now, what to make for dinner???



Glad you are safe at home. Praying for others who are not.


Karen said...

Stay safe. Sad about the Farm Show being ruined.

Granny said...

Sure hope & pray this isn't a sign of what's to come this winter! Hope everyone stayed safe.