Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

Zoe and I needed to take Gina to work today. Started out ok but on the way home it started to pour. Got home, sat in the car....

and watched it rain. We soon decided to make a run for the house. Got wet! Oh well. We do need  the rain.

In other news -

This is how I started my day Saturday morning....
Breakfast with my sisters!
Jeanie was in the area for the day
so Mary Ellen called for an early breakfast which we all thought was a great idea.
What fun!!

Dale has been working to remove the old carpet in the one bedroom we have never renovated in the 30 years we lived in this house. On Saturday Corey and his little helpers began the fun job of removing the old wallpaper.

 Corey wets the paper for easier removal.
Corey was a baby when this room was papered!

Aidan is a great helper!

 Zoe is so proud of the big piece of wallpaper she removed!

Lovely blue carpet...
maybe it was lovely back in the day, but not any more!!
We plan to refinish the old wide boards which are original to the house.

This room was to be complete before Corey and Christy moved in with us. Plans are always changing, in this adventure anyway! We still do not have a clear picture of where we are going from here. Things changed again last week after we thought we would be able to move forward. Patience. It's been taking a lot of that and looks like we are being asked for more!

Dale and I attended my 40th High School Reunion on Saturday evening. That was fun! We had a lovely meal. We sang - can we ever sing!!!  When I attended Lancaster Mennonite, no musical instruments were allowed to be used in the chapel, so we sang as was in the Mennonite tradition - 4 part harmony, sung acapella.  We still got it, yes we do!

 Steve Landis directs while we sing #606...
no hymnals needed. We all know that one!!
We also sang Great is Thy Faithfulness and 
God Be With You till we Meet Again.
One of our classmates knows his days are numbered due to pancreatic cancer.
His testimony was precious and moving. 
God is with us through tough times...
we heard that over and over as classmates shared.

My good friend, Joan Yoder Mills
Love her!!

Sunday afternoon we walked through two houses which were hosting Open Houses. Neither home will be ours. Location of the first one was wonderful but the house did not have great flow. The second one was too small. 

On the way to watch the Eagles game at Marcy and Scott's house, Marcy sent me a text asking if we wanted to stop at their new home construction site. YES WE DID! 

 Paityn and Aidan peer over the wall.
This will be the 2 car garage.

This may only be the beginning,
but what joy I feel for them.
This house is such a blessing!!

This week is our Manheim Farm Show....good food, fun times ahead!! 

This evening I will attend a visitation and funeral for the husband of a good friend and former co-worker. Her husband passed suddenly Friday morning. Prayers for Janette and their children and grandchildren would be so appreciated! My heart aches for her.

Blessings to you today!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo of you and your sisters. Glad you got to attend the reunion. Congrats to Marcy on the start of their new home. Aidan and Zoe look like good helpers in the bedroom.

Theresa said...

Breakfast with Sisters... what could be better than that:) I know you all are excited to get the renovation under way! With all hands on deck, it will be done before you know it! I love watching a new house construction! It won't be long:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Karen said...

I'm glad you had a great time at your reunion. I join you in praying for your friend Janette.