Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Ellen - on TV and a fun Birthday Party!

Our Ellen....she is someone special. That fact is true =)

She always wanted to cheer. She was born with some challenges and knowing how to make that dream come true seemed daunting. Several years ago we heard of UDS cheering and we signed her up. What a fabulous experience this has been for her. This past Saturday our local NBC channel 8 was there to film the game. The kids who play flag football, and our girls who cheer them on, are all very special kids.

There's our Ellen standing in front of  
Mike Hostettler,
one of the sportscasters at channel 8
and the one doing the story.
The shorter girl in front is also a cheerleader.
The rest of the girls are the awesome volunteers 
from the Donegal HS Cheering squad.
This High School has been so supportive of our girls.
They are at every game to teach them cheers and cheer with them.
♥ Love ♥

Wednesday at 6:00!
Don't miss our kids on TV!

Sunday afternoon was also a special day for Ellen. She was invited to a birthday party for Emily, one of her friends who also cheers.  Emily has 2 brothers who worked at Dutch Wonderland this summer. They were each given free tickets which the family wasn't sure what to do with. Bless Emily's Mom...she decided to have a party for Emily at the park and give the tickets to the girls and their Moms. We had such a wonderful time! 

 Serena, Ellen, Nicole, Emily (the birthday girl), Marissa, Brianna, Elizabeth
Emily's parents provided pizza for lunch.
and beautiful cupcakes for dessert.
Emily opened her gifts...
then it was into the park for more fun!

♥ Notice the BIG smiles on all the girls ♥

 Ellen and Nicole

Bree, Serena, Marissa, and Nicole

 Ellen and Bree

 Emily, Ellen and Serena

 Ellen and Emily
Ellen wanted to ride in this car on the Monorail...
did they ever have a view!!

 It was a beautiful day!

View from the Monorail ride... 
I remember when this park was built.
I was about 10 years old.
We have had so many fun family times here with our children.
We even enjoyed a fun day here this year with our Grands =)

Marissa, Emily and Elizabeth
on the boat ride.

 No kidding,
our Ellen drove the boat =)

 That face says,
I can't believe I'm doing this!!
This is awesome!
He left her steer for a while, then he took over again.
We went around once, he asked us if we wanted to go again. 
We did....and he took us around again!

Did I mention it was a very pretty day?

 This is Ellen's favorite ride. 
That's Ellen in the last car =)

What a fun day. I enjoyed time spent with Ellen and with the other girls and their Moms. We all thought we should plan more activities to do as a group. It's so good for our special girls. And, so good for each Mom, too. I'd find time for that, yes I would!


Jean Stauffer said...

I just LOVE that Ellen gets to do all this fun stuff, and that you could enjoy time with the moms. I hope you do more things together.

Anonymous said...

How fun for Ellen to be on tv and to steer the boat. She and her friends look like they had a great time. So thankful for this time for everyone to be together.

Theresa said...

Oh what a special day for your special girl:) She is absolutely precious! I LOVE all of these pictures! BRIGHT colors and gorgeous shots! Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Karen said...

I very much enjoyed the pictures and I am so proud of Ellen for cheering!
The world definitely needs more cheerleaders!


So glad your sweet Ellen could enjoy so many wonderful treats.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nice to have a local celebrity in the family, Doris, and looks like a great girls day out for young and young at heart, alike.