Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Marcy and Scott!

10 years ago today! It was a beautiful Saturday. Rain had been in the forecast but it came and went before the big day, whew! My daughter was a beauty...she should have been featured in a magazine. I'm not kidding! Their ceremony was so personal, so beautiful, so touching. Lots of work went into this day, and it's one I will never forget.

These pictures are not the best quality. They are from the disposable camera I had that day. I have better photos, but, I guess they are in the's dark up there!!

 Marcy gets her make-up on.
Know who that little cutie is beside her?
It's Ellen!

 Dressed and ready to become a Mrs!

Scott and Marcy with 
Andrew, the Ring Bearer,
Ellen, the Flower Girl.

(the next one is one I posted before -  the photographer took this one)

Love these people!
Marcy had 2 friends in the party.
Scott had 2 friends,
the rest are all family ♥

Scott and Marcy have given us two precious gifts - 
Paityn and Brinley.
What a lovely family!

We are so excited for them as they begin the process of 
building a new home.
A home where Marcy will not be restricted to the main floor.
She will have access from the basement to the second floor;
an elevator will be part of this home.
Love that!

Happy Anniversary, Marcy and Scott! Love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to Marcy and Scott. Such a beautiful family and all the best to them in their new home.

Mary Ellen said...

My heart swells with happiness for Marcy. Blessed with a caring husband and two beautiful girls. We'll need to have another party for them when they move into their handicapped accessible house.
I'm always disappointed that I missed their wedding, I lived too far away at that time.

Jean Stauffer said...

It was indeed a beautiful day. Very emotional. How wonderful that new house will be!

Theresa said...

Beautiful family, then and now! Love those sweet pictures from the wedding and OH SO CUTE Ellen:) Have a blessed weekend dear Doris, HUGS!