Monday, September 2, 2013


What a week! So much going on.

  • Corey, Christy, Aidan and Zoe moved in Sunday evening. I'm calling it a move in...they are sleeping (all 4 of them) in our living room. They only brought with them what was absolutely necessary. We are finding spaces (I continue to get rid of stuff I don't use, but thought I might, haha!) to store their things. 
  • Aidan and Ellen started school on Monday. Aidan had a short day, his parents attended with him. Tuesday was his first full day of Kindergarten and his first ride on the Big Yellow Bus.

He was so cute!
And, so excited!

  • Ellen had a Birthday on Tuesday!
  • Paityn had a birthday on Wednesday! She wanted to celebrate her birthday at Chuck E Cheese. Ellen wanted to go there on her birthday, too. So, we ate in on Tuesday. (I made Ellen her favorite -spaghetti), and joined the Smith's at Chuck E Cheese for Paityn's birthday. We had so much fun!!
 The Birthday Girl and her cousin, Aidan
ride in Cinderella's carriage.

 Sweet Brinley and her Poppy Smith =)

 Needless to say, 
Brinley had a blast!!

 Say cheese!

 Ellen had a blast, too!!

 These two did a lot of games together.

 Look, Mommy,
I'm driving!!

 Ellen and Christy go head to head!

Looks like a group effort on this one!

  • My car was being worked on last week. I was driving a loaner from the shop. So thankful they offer that service....but there isn't another car I'd rather drive than my own!! Was happy to go pick it up on Wednesday afternoon. One of the fixes involved the windshield wipers which haven't worked correctly since winter. I was just dealing with it....sometimes not so graciously =/ I had to start the car again just because I was so thrilled to see the wipers stay in the correct position when I started it!!! 
  • Saturday was filled with Ellen's cheering, some shopping, cleaning and food prep. Zoe came with Ellen and me to cheering and shopping. Corey wanted to do some work at their house, Christy and Gina had to work, Dale worked at home. Ellen needed sneakers. I always get them at the Sketcher's outlet at Tanger Outlets. Um, what was I thinking? I wasn't. A holiday week end and an outlet mall. LOTS and LOTS of traffic and people!! Oh well, we got what we needed and we headed home again.
  • Sunday was fellowship meal after church (food prep for that also happened on Saturday) and a party for a special 6 year old girl in the afternoon.We had so much fun at the party...I'll post pictures another time. 
Are you wondering about how the house full of peoples is working? I'd say just splendidly, thank you =) What isn't to love about sweet hugs from little ones in the morning and sloppy kisses at night? What isn't to love about extra laughs because the two extra adults can be so funny?! What isn't to love about an other set of hands to help wash dishes and clean up? 

We did not plan it to happen this way. We have been talking about living together for 2 whole years. Their house has not sold yet. Our house did not sell either. Aidan needed to attend K somewhere. We really wanted to begin the process. Sooo, we began. We are happy to be together. I must confess that my vision of being together involved a bigger kitchen, with a DISHWASHER(!) and a larger frig. I envisioned more living space, not less. Yet, this is where we're at. Why it's been so hard to get to our goal, I don't have the answer. I keep praying. I continue to present our needs to our Heavenly Father. This is real, down to earth stuff. I'm confident that our needs will be met. 

am thankful we have a house, we have income, we have enough (even though I don't always feel like it's enough). My goodness, we are blessed! 

Please continue to pray that Corey and Christy's house will sell. I also ask you to pray that we will have clarity as to what to do going forward. We are not opposed to staying here, although we will have to build an addition if we stay. Houses that we would be interested in purchasing are few to none right now. They are either way too expensive or need too much work. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the right house would just 'fall' into our laps and say buy me?!!! We do recognize that the lack of homes may be due to the fact that we are already in the correct home.

Blessings to you today. Happy Labor Day!


Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for you and the whole family. Happy to hear you are enjoying one another. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

Theresa said...

Been there with a house full of folks:) Loved it! I know that you all will make it just fine until the next door is opened OR added with the new addition! I will continue to pray God's will be done! Love to you and thanks for sharing all of your sweet family with me! HUGS!


I can imagine this is a sweet and
crazy time. Praying for those houses.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Ellen and Paitlyn! I know they all love being with you.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Our 2 grandchildren would have loved to join in the birthday celebrations at Chuck E Cheese, one of their favorite places, but not ours. Hope the housing market turns around for all of us, Doris.

Jean Stauffer said...

It's been quite a while since we've been to Chuck E Cheese. We don't have one up here.

I'm glad there are so many things to love in your living arrangement. I know we had lots of fun times when we lived with Anthony and Lori.