Friday, September 13, 2013

Beach Time!

We didn't spend a week at the beach last year or this year. Sad, indeed. So, if I get a chance to spend a few days at a beach, I take it!

Last week was our chance. We drove to Wildwood, NJ on Thursday afternoon. Christy's brother owns a three bedroom condo there, PERFECT! Corey, Christy and the kids went too. They also love the beach.

Warning - lots of pictures. I won't be offended if you skip through them real fast or skip altogether!

We walked the boardwalk and had dinner at a neat burger place Thursday evening.

Friday - 

 Friday was a beautiful day.
Had it been cloudy, it would have felt cold.
But the (almost) cloudless sky brought warmth.

 There was a breeze.
Aidan wanted to fly his kite.

Not a clear shot...
it's a bird, no,
it's a plane, no.....
it's a dolphin kite!
(the kite we gave him for his birthday)

So relaxing!

 Friday evening, we had pizza on the boardwalk.
(I had a salad)
Every time I said, Where's Ellen?
She would be by the fence watching the rides =)

 They also rode the go carts...
(I kept missing them as they went by!)

 There they go!!

 I drove one the next night.
I was NOT a fan.
Everyone passed me twice.
Every turn, I was saying, can we be done now?!!!

 These two thought it was wonderful!

That's Aidan driving a mini car. 
He loved it!
He drove again on Saturday night.

 Zoe pretends!

 Changing drivers...

Zoe gives instructions ♥

Saturday -

 It's another beautiful day, says Zoe.
Was a lot warmer hotter!
Perfect ☺

 We saw a Blimp!

 No question who this is...
can you see the name in the sand?

 Time for some sand castle building.
Girls against...

...the guys!
(notice Aidan with the bucket going to get some water)

 The girls build a tunnel.

 The guys stay with the traditional.

All that building wears a girl out.

 There he goes!

That was fun!

Saturday evening spent on the boardwalk again.
It was only a 1 1/2 blocks from the condo!

So pretty but I will not ride!

Christy and Ellen rode a wooden roller coaster.
It went under the pier!

Aidan and Zoe,
along with Corey and Gina,
rode the carousel.

And, as I stated before,
we all rode the go carts.
I will never forget Zoe's little face pressed against her Daddy's arm
as they whizzed past me....
Zoe saying, Hi, Nana ♥

Sunday - 

All too soon our mini vacation was coming to a close. 
Corey and his family had a birthday party to attend that afternoon,
so they left before lunch.
We cleaned the condo then walked down the boardwalk
 to a mini golf course
Dale and Ellen saw on one of their many walks.
It was a longer walk than we expected.
It was hot.
 but, we had fun!

 It was a dinky little course
and we were the only ones there.
Oh well, as I said, we had fun!

I Love the beach.
I Love time away.
We Loved this condo!

We will return!

Of course, my thoughts and prayers go to the beach town in NJ where the devastating fire destroyed their newly renovated boardwalk. How terrible! Was hard to watch the newscasts. 


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, I love the beach and it was nice to visit with you:) I love ALL of your pictures! SWEET little ones having fun AND big ones too! Great to spend time at the beach with your sweet family! Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

I loved these pics. It has been so long since I've been to the beach. Glad Ellen enjoyed the rides. Aidan and Zoe love the sand, don't they? Thanks so much for sharing your precious family with us.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful beach trip, Doris, and I did look at all the photos. I am with you on not going on certain rides. Sorry too about the devastating beach fire I. Our home state. Pat used to go to Seaside all the time as a youngster.

Karen said...

I'm thrilled you all had such a special weekend. I'm like you, I won't get on the rides anymore...makes me dizzy!