Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ellen!

19 years ago today, I was holding....no I wasn't holding our baby because she was rushed off to NICU soon after her birth.

There's our baby Ellen.
She spent her first 36 hours in NICU because she stopped breathing 
after she was born.
Was hard to see her there. She had great care!
Ellen was born by C-section after a very long labor.
When the Dr. first suggested the section
I told him that I never had trouble having babies. 
Good grief, I had already birthed 5 (the previous one was twins!) without complications.
I would soon to learn this one was different.
We were told by a nurse in the NICU that if I hadn't agreed to the section, 
we would not be taking a baby home with us.
We were so very thankful to have Ellen Corrin!

 Sorry I wasn't able to fix this photo...
I'm not computer smart, esp. when it's giving me issues!!
Ellen started getting therapy when she was 2. 
She started with Early Intervention through
 S. June Smith and Shrieber Pediatric.
What a help they were for our precious child!
Here Ellen is wearing weights on her legs and a special vest with weights in it
as part of her therapy.
I think she is 3 on this photo.

Ellen attended a special pre-school, then Diagnostic Kindergarten.
Each year she was placed in a special classroom where she received the help she's needed.
We are thankful for Special Education educators!!

One year she got a special Boyd's Bear for her birthday!
She dressed that bear in baby clothes I had saved from my babies.

Ellen is involved in - 

Challenger Baseball

UDS Challenger Cheering

Aaron's Acres Camp and School Year Program

Ellen loves - 

Sky Rides and Roller Coasters

Chuck E Cheese's

The beach

(and the color yellow!)

and marching bands

(and spaghetti and ice cream and hot dogs and PB cups and.....)

Happy Birthday, Ellen! 
We love you bunches and more ☺


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear Ellen. You are beautiful! I love seeing you cheer, play ball and I always think of you when I see marching bands. Hope your day is full of fun. Love to you birthday girl. Aunt Mildred!

Joyce said...

What a pretty girl and a blessing! Happy Birthday Ellen from Washington State!

Barb said...

So many great pictures of Ellen! It's so hard to believe she is 19!!Let her know I hope she has a very special birthday!

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Ellen! What a sweet, talented and gorgeous daughter! I know that scare from my Grandson and his time in NICU! Tell Ellen I send her HUGS and Birthday wishes from Georgia! Enjoy your day!

Granny said...

Happy Birthday Ellen! What a wonderful blessing she is -- and it looks like she has fun with everything she does! I couldn't see all of the pictures (my laptop is acting up a bit), but I LOVE the ones I could. Your smile is contagious, Ellen :) ......... Birthday blessings, Sweet Ellen ... August is a great month for birthdays :)