Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Makings of a Birthday Surprise

It was the Birthday of  Aidan and Zoe's Mommy. They wanted to give her a gift. They wanted it to be a surprise. They love to bake cakes, so.....

The Makings of a Birthday Surprise - 

 Zoe measures the sugar,
Aidan measures the flour.

 Oops, we have a spill-over =)

 Aidan carefully measures the chocolate.

 Zoe pours the milk.
As you may notice on this pic, Aidan realized that
we had forgotten something....
our aprons!
 He pulled out my green Kreider's apron (from a long ago deli job I had)
 for me,
The orange one for him,
and the pink one for Zoe.
Do I ever need to replace those Dollar Tree aprons...
they are looking as though I spent a Dollar on them!!

 They each choose the paper liners they want
and place them in the pans.
I filled the pans with chocolate batter.
We put the pans in the oven and waited....
oh how wonderful our house was smelling!

Aidan says that Mommy is going to be
 soooo surprised.
He was sure this is how she will look when seeing her surprise gift =)

Light  Purple icing because 
purple is Mommy's favorite color.
We tried to swirl it with the white but it wasn't working that good.
The kids were quite pleased with their gift for Mommy....
and that, my friends, is all that matters!


Many years ago
(if I weren't so tired, I'd get up and check how many!)
I got a Taste of Home magazine in the mail. 
I thought this chocolate cake recipe sounded good and made it
 It became my chocolate cake recipe ever since!
It certainly is a family favorite.

I have several other favorite recipes from that issue as well.


Blessings to you! Wishing you a restful night and a wonderful Sunday!


Joanne said...

they are so adorable and they sure do have fun helping Grandma. Grandchildren are such a blessing .

Musicaljean said...

Just the cutest thing - especially Zoe's feet with the spilled sugar!

Mary Ellen said...

It is awesome that you let the children help, and don't mind if they make a mess. What wonderful memories for Aidan & Zoe.

Theresa said...

That is the SWEETEST post! Love the spill in the chair shot:) Have a blessed weekend and I am SURE it was a really happy birthday for their Mommy! HUGS!

Blackberry Lane said...

Mmmm! Looks so good and I know their Mommy was delighted! Cute pics.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You and the grands just have too much fun in the kitchen, Doris, and purple is a great color and my favorite too. Wishing your DIL, Chrissy, a Happy and delicious Birthday.

Granny said...

Oh Doris -- how adorable!!! I'm sure Christy was quite surprised (as you say -- wink, wink :) ... we adults can sure learn from these little ones ... whatever we do, do through the love in our hearts... love this post!