Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's Up at Our House?

It's summer, almost!
  • Ellen is finished with another year of school. Of course, she only had 3 days with no school before she headed to the beach. I'd say she is one lucky girl! She came back with a nice tan and Mom is a tad jealous.
  • Two weeks of camp will soon be here for Ellen. That's something to look forward to. She's going to Aaron's Acres camp with the 'give back' community service projects in the afternoon this year. She was hesitant to try that one in previous years. She struggles with trying something new but is usually fine.
  • Now that the beach goers are back, life is settling into a normal pace. Had Aidan and Zoe all day yesterday and they will be coming again this afternoon.
  • Greta and Lynn brought 2 strawberry pies over on Sunday that they made. Oh.My.Goodness. They were soooooo good!!
  • Last evening when Corey took the kids out to his car to leave, Zoe looked up to the sky and started singing - Twinkle, Twinkle little Star. Melt my heart! It was so sweet. Wish I could have recorded it for you to hear!
  • Yesterday afternoon the skies got dark, there was a flash of lightening and a clap of thunder. The heavens opened and it poured! Didn't last long, but it was crazy! I thought, Welcome to Summer =) Next thing you know, the sun was out again. Cool!
  • The skies are dark again and I hear thunder in the distance. Yup, summer.
  • Yesterday I treated my family to ham slices with a pineapple sauce and my baked corn for dinner. Zoe said, I love corn! Aidan said, I love ham! Win, win =)
  • We got a new grill. Didn't need one but the price was right. FREE! Dale was working for someone who wanted a new grill. He was either going to sell his old one or give it away. He decided to give it away...to my Hubby. It's much larger than the one we have. Came with a cover too. We have yet to use it. I didn't realize Dale had connected a tank to it. Guess I'll have to see how it works one of these days.
  • Ellen has two more Challenger Baseball games then we're finished. Season goes so fast!
  • Some activities we look forward to - a swim party and cook out at the coaches house on Sunday after the game, our fun time with family at Long's Park for the patriotic concert and fireworks the next Sunday, a church picnic the first Sunday in July, the big Witmer family retreat the last week-end in July.
  •  I love summer but hate how fast it goes. Being intentional is the only way to enjoy it. Otherwise, it's gone before you have time to enjoy!
  • I really hope that a decision about what we are doing as far as moving or not moving can soon be made. Corey and Christy are waiting to get some info before they decide to rent or re list their home. Patience is a virtue and I'm struggling!
  • I am so grateful for a website I stumbled across. Not even sure how I found it. It's called The Simple Pen. She recommends free books which I can get on my Kindle. So many free books I have found are not that good. So far, the ones she recommended have been really good. She also puts together bundles you can purchase for a reduced price. I've not purchased any. But I get tempted!  thesimplepen.com
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear Zoe sing Twinkle, Twinkle. How precious!
Summer sounds like a busy, fun time for your family. We pretty much hide indoors during summer!!!
When we first married, John loved to cook on the grill. I know you all will enjoy the new, bigger grill.
Praying for each of you re the house.

Musicaljean said...

Boy, I'm getting behind on reading your blog. I loved all the family pictures in your previous post. You're so lucky to have so many.

We MIGHT join you at Longs Park this year. Still deciding if Dick will take a vacation day that Monday or not.

Theresa said...

The Summer just speeds right by, doesn't it? I know Ellen will enjoy her adventures! We never went to camp as kids but it sure sounds like fun! FREE grill, way to go! Hope you are enjoying this day dear friend, BIG HUGS from Georgia!

Karen said...

Enjoying being outside in the sun. No showere in the forecast. I even washed my car!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

There sure is a lot going on with your family, Doris..thanks for the updates on what everyone is doing. We are also trying to decide whether to take our home off the market for awhile, then resist in the fall.