Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stick Lovin'; Dirt Diggin' Kids

These kids love dirt!

 Aidan is hiding a treasure...
Zoe is to be hiding her eyes, but I think she's peeking =)

 Aidan is hiding it good.
And finding all kinds of bugs in the process...
a little boy's delight!!

Time to find the treasure! 
What the treasure is, I don't know =)

It's a beautiful day.
The 3 H's have gone, thank goodness!
 The breeze feels delightful.

Hope your day is as delightful as playing in the dirt!


Theresa said...

Beautiful wedding header:) Love those sweet little ones enjoying whatever they are doing! We can learn lots of lessons from little kids:) Have a blessed week, HUGS!


LOVE the wedding picture in your headers.


Anonymous said...

I spent many hours playing in the dirt just like Aidan and Zoe. I agree, the wedding header is gorgeous. Enjoy the day.

Granny said...

What fun times with these little ones, Doris! Zoe & Aidan are so cute :)