Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is just around the Corner

That's what the calendar says. In reality, it's not anywhere near here.

Saturday -

We really don't need any more of this stuff. Guess what, we are to get more today and again another day this week. One good thing about snow this time of year, it doesn't stick around.


Aidan and Zoe had an over night here at Nana and Pop Pop's Saturday. What do we do for fun? Bake cupcakes, of course!

 They measured, they poured, they lined the tins with cupcake papers.
It was soooo hard to wait for them to bake and then cool.

These are really good, Nana!

Everyone enjoyed them yesterday at our usual family Sunday gathering of the Fahnestock bunch!


The daffodils on my header is a reminder (to me) that 
Spring is coming. Yes it is!


Theresa said...

Spring is coming dear friend, just hang on:) Those daffodils are beautiful and so are you sweet Grandchildren! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We are getting the same weather here, Doris. A few of our daffodils were opening last week, but I think the dusting of snow, followed by some sleet and cold rain might convince the others not to bloom yet. The cupcakes looked delicious, chocolate anything is always a treat!

Anonymous said...

The children are so sweet baking the cupcakes. I know you all enjoyed them.

Doris said...

NOTHING is blooming here yet, Beatrice! Can't wait!


I am feeling ready for spring, as well.