Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Random Post .....

.....Because it's that kind of day.

  • Take a look at our sky today......

I ask you, does this sky look like a snow storm is on it's way? It's a beautiful day. The weather man tells me it may snow up to 6 inches tomorrow. In fact, could start later today. Guess we shall see. I do remember many a snow storm that came with a vengeance after a beautiful, sunny, and "warm" day. 

  • Aidan and Zoe will soon be here. I haven't kept them often on Tuesday's lately. Yesterday when it was time to go home, Zoe told her Daddy, "wait wait! I need to give Nana a hug and kiss!"  Then Pop Pop wanted one. She threw her arms around him and said "I love you, Pop Pop". Melt our hearts! That girl is such a sweetie. 
  • Yesterday while I was busy making dinner, Aidan started crying. Zoe had bit him. Yes, sweet Zoe will do that sometimes. I asked her to come to me. She did. And she told me what she did....her big eyes staring up at me. (I guess Aidan was singing with Zoe and she was not happy about it) She needed a time out and went to the chair willingly. I had to stifle a chuckle when Aidan told me he thought giving Zoe a time out was good. It made him happy, he said.. And the hurt hand stopped hurting, just like that!! Kids! 
  • I ate - no, I drank breakfast at lunch today. On my way home from taking Gina to work this morning, I made some stops. All of a sudden I felt so hungry. I realized that I never made my smoothie this morning! But after getting home, I just keep going...washed the dishes, put away the groceries, started dinner. Finally, I couldn't stand it no more ;-) I had breakfast even though it was lunch time.
  • Dinner is smelling yummy! I have a roast in the crock pot. mmmm
  • Aidan had some med changes to better cover his asthma. (a result of the specialist visit last week) He will be having an overnight here when they paint the trim in Zoe's room, possibly this week end. 
  • We didn't hear any feedback from the house showing on Friday. We are still praying for the right buyer to come along. I struggle with wondering if this will ever happen. Trying not to lose hope.
  • Oh, look what some birds did to my car!

This mess is all over the back window, trunk, roof!! Lately we have had so much rain...but not when I could  really use it to wash this off my car. It's to snow, but I think I will use a bucket of water to slosh over it....it's too cold to get my hands wet out doors. I have enough trouble with chapped fingers! 
  • Last week when I was looking for this - 
A kids booster seat that we had for our kids,
which I didn't find that day....
I thought maybe we didn't have it anymore after all.....

instead, I found this - 

I didn't know we still had it!
Our twins had loads of fun with this toy.
I thought our Grandchildren may really enjoy playing with it too.
(it had been stored in a small room in our basement that I never go into....
it's dark, dirty and probably a home for many spiders!!!

Hubs found the booster seat for me. (which Aidan and Zoe each wanted to use at the table last evening! We did have 2 but one got broken. They were used hard with 6 kids!) He cleaned them on Saturday. Yes, the kids are having some fun with the laundry set. If they decide they had enough fun and it sits abandoned, off to a thrift shop it will go. That's how I roll these downsizing days =)
  • All this talk of snow and look what I see in my flower beds - 

Spring is just around the corner! 
Bah Humbug, snow!!

Have a great day. If your day is random, go with the flow....you will be happier for it =)


Musicaljean said...

I keep seeing pictures of people's flowers popping up, but I don't think I have any yet. I'm GLAD the snow will supposedly stay south of us this time. I'm sooooooo ready for warm weather.

Anonymous said...

I hope the change in Aidan's meds will help his asthma. He and Zoe are so sweet. I love that little toy laundry set you found. I "ironed" a lot when I was a little girl BUT not now!
It's nice to see the flowers poking thru the soil in your area. We are all ready for Spring.
I am earnestly praying for you and your family and the move.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, it is SO hard to punish those cute little ones:) I pray that the house sale speeds right along! Can you hardly wait until you are all under the same roof? It WILL happen, I believe! Enjoy your week dear Doris, hope the snow doesn't hurt the new greenery that is popping out of the ground! BIG HUGS!


Did you end up with snow? We are enjoy a few inches.


Anonymous said...

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