Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Marcy!

On Marcy 11, 1977 we became parents to our second little girl. We were thrilled! Her birth was so easy and I went home the day after she was born......very unusual for that time!

 3 years old

 Another birthday but I'm not sure what year!
She always enjoyed teddy bears more than dolls.

Marcy's high school graduation.
Marcy is first one on the right

She's a wonderful Mommy to Paityn...
Marcy made Paityn's doll cake!

She's also a wonderful Mommy to Brinley.
Her little girls keep her very busy!

Marcy has a sweet spirit and is an inspiration to all who know her. What an amazing woman she is...I am blessed to be her Mom! 

Happy Birthday, Marcy! We love you!!


Musicaljean said...

An amazing woman she is, indeed! I'm proud to be her aunt.

Theresa said...

I know that she is blessed to have you as her MOM:) I wish Marcy a wonderful birthday! I know she got LOTS of sweet hugs from her cutie pies:) Hugs to you sweet Doris!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marcy! Beautiful family!

Mary Ellen said...

Jeanie's comments are mine too. Just thinking of Marcy and her amazing accomplishments, warms my heart. I'm proud to be her aunt, and so happy she is blessed with a caring husband, and two precious daughters.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Such a wonderful post from an obviously proud mother, Doris. Hope that Marcy has a wonderful birthday and year ahead!

Granny said...

Finally catching up on your posts from the past week... My how you've been busy!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Marcy! what special times with her & her little girls ... aren't we a bit speechless when we see our daughters (sons) with THEIR children? Ahhhhhhh the memories ::::: And I LOVE your spring arrangements ... you are so talented & creative :)

Hope you have a blessed week, my friend! Love to you & your family!