Monday, February 25, 2013

Zoe had a Party!

Our granddaughter Zoe is 3 years old today! Her party was yesterday. We had such a good time. What fun to watch Zoe enjoy every moment.

Who is that under the table??

It's the birthday girl!

Gavin (cousin of Aidan and Zoe),
Aidan and Paityn enjoy their lunch.

Cutie pie Brinley enjoys her lunch too =)

 Cupcakes...I love making them =)

Beautiful candy flowers made by Christy's sister Laura.
 Zoe opens gifts...this one is from Nana, Pop Pop and Ellen.
She got lots of nice, books and clothes. 
She will have a fun time wearing all the frilly, sparkly skirts, shirts and leggings!

My sister Mary Ellen sent me this picture...
Watching Zoe open her gifts.
Looks like everyone is enjoying it very much!

Couldn't resit this shot of Katie (Christy's sister-in-law)
holding her adorable daughter, Ainsley.

 Zoe tries to blow out the candles!

 I get to eat this?? Cool!
(Mary Ellen photo)

This is my best birthday yet!

A few more pictures because I can't decide when to stop........

Scott, our funny guy =)
He took a tutu (which Christy made, by the way) and put it on his head.
Kids loved it!!

Christy and her Dad having some good conversation time.

 Did you hear me???
I said,
This is the best party ever!!
(Mary Ellen photo)

The party is almost over....
Zoe plays a game on Mommy's phone.
(Mary Ellen photo)

Our sweet Zoe is 3. So hard to believe. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! You bring such joy to all of just being Zoe!


Musicaljean said...

What FUN!!! I don't know who is cuter - Zoe or Scott, hahahaha!!

From the Kitchen said...

What a group of delightful little ones! The birthday girl is so sweet. I'm sure she'll remember the day.


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to precious Zoe!!! I love seeing the fun you all had celebrating this wonderful day. Have a blessed day dear friend, hugs.

Mary Ellen said...

These pictures are delightful! Zoe made my day - I thought she might not like my gift too much since it was some leggings and socks, but she pulls out the lavendar capri leggings - and says "I need these!" Oh my word!! And then the 3 strands of my mardi gras beads I had in the box - she puts one on herself, and give one each to her two girl cousins! Sharing!! Oh I love Miss Zoe. Then when she was ready to go outside, they ask her who should take her outside, and she said "Mary Ellen". Melt my heart. My heart was happy all day!!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet birthday girl Zoe is! Such fun photos of everyone! The cupcakes look delicious!

Kimberly said...

How cute is she! Happy Birthday to her. Looks like she really enjoyed the party.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated hay birthday wishes to the birthday girl, Zoe, who looks like she had a great party and great gifts.

Karen said...

So very precious. Wonderful pics she will treasure!

Granny said...

How cute & precious!!! It's hard to believe these little grands are growing up on us... what a fun time & fun memories you all made for Zoe ... Lucy & Tag send their "Happy Birthday" wishes to Zoe :)