Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Monday Again!

It's Monday again. It's cold. Only Zoe is here. And, a hairy dog is here. Aidan is sick. There's another house showing at C&C's this evening. My house seems always to be dirty, always. I lost my car keys.

Wow, how's that for a first paragraph?!!

  • Monday comes too fast. I could sleep in a little bit this morning because Ellen didn't have school today. Gina didn't go to work till 11:30. I didn't need to go get the kids this morning. A slow morning was a good thing!
  • It's cold. Feels a little bit better today than yesterday. Yesterday was bitter cold and windy. Was a day for staying indoors...that's how I felt about it!
  • Zoe is here. I went to pick her up after I took Gina to work. Zoe makes me laugh. We laugh a lot when she is here! I can't wait to live with this sweet girl someday!
  • Yes, a hairy dog is here too. She stays here when someone wants to see the house where she lives. She is leaving small clumps of hair everywhere she goes. I know she can't help it. Zoe didn't like that her dog was not going home with them last night. (An open house on Sunday brought the dog to our house already on Saturday) Zoe was so anxious to see her doggie today. She said she will say, "Come out come out, where ever you are", when she got to my house =)
  • Aidan is sick. He was coughing almost non stop yesterday and by evening he had a fever. Christy got her schedule changed to go in later today. She was taking Aidan to the Doctor at 12:40. That's why I only have Zoe today. They think that painting the kids rooms may have triggered his asthma. He is so sensitive to so many environmental things! They did air out the rooms and I didn't detect even a hint of paint odor today. They would like to also paint the trim in Zoe's room. Aidan may have to spend the night here if they do that. All this painting, not because there was anything wrong with the has everything to do with making the rooms more neutral. All in hopes of making it easier for someone to love their house.
  • Someone wants to come see their house tonight. Yeah! They had a good turnout at the open house yesterday, too. We continue to pray for that family who will see the home and fall in love with it. Selling a house is hard work!!
  • My house seems like it's always dirty. Of course, I have a hairy dog right now and that doesn't help ;-) If I work at going through things upstairs, I don't keep after things downstairs. It I keep after everything downstairs, the upstairs never gets further along in my goal to get it whipped into shape. Ugh. Getting ready to move is hard work as well!
  • Oh dear oh dear. I have lost my car keys and I don't know where to find them! How could I have done such a stupid thing? I hadn't gone anywhere since Thursday morning. Saturday evening when I wanted to go away, they were no where to be found. Oh my, I have looked through trash bags, pockets, under cabinets, cleaned everything out of my purse, moved the sofa front, used a flashlight to see under things better, looked in the car trunk, the driveway.....even my kids looked under things yesterday to help me find them. (talk about embarrassing for them to see all the dirt I had glossed over the day/weeks before!!) All I'm finding is more dirt to clean up =/ I continue to look.....I'm very embarrassed to say that this is the second set of keys I have lost for this car. I MUST find this set!!
Crazy, crazy life! Time to get busy cleaning up some dog hair, more dirt, and for pete's sake....LOOK FOR THOSE KEYS!!

Have a blessed Monday =)


Theresa said...

You are busy, busy:). Hope Aidan feels better! Little ones are precious and I hate it when they are sick. I am so happy that you all are getting people to look at the house. Gotta start there in order to reach your goals. Have a blessed week dear Doris. Hope you find the keys! Hugs

Kimberly said...

I hope you have found your keys!

Joanne said...

wow, Monday it is. My bus door was frozen today so that was a wonderful start to the day. I hope you get some rest tomorrow. Soon I hope you will all be together and no more looking and keeping things clean. I hope you find those keys, they sure do have a way of getting away from at times. it will be in a place where you would never look.

Granny said...

I sure hope Aidan feels better soon, Doris! It's so hard to see the little ones sick ... we grandparents would much rather be sick ourselves. And the dirty house? I think I've got you beat on that one... between toys & everybody else's stuff... and no time to clean. Hope your keys have turned up! Have a blessed week :)

Musicaljean said...

Sounds like a Monday alright.

My Monday was an unusual one, so today seems like my Monday. It's snowing again and I'm not in the mood for it anymore.

Oh, I do hope and pray those keys turned up somewhere. And that Aiden feels better. And that someone loves and buys Corey and Christy's house.