Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's been a Good Day

My good day started with some sun. That was a welcome sight! We've had many cold, cloudy, rainy, drizzly, grey days. The sun came and went all day, but just having it show it's face was good enough for me!

I got a haircut today. That always is a good day for me! It was fun to chat with Jess, my stylist, and Deb, another stylist who was coloring and cutting her Mom's hair. It was the first time to meet her Mom. We chatted about my grey hair =) Deb's Mom said she will go short and spiky when she decides to go grey. I am not that brave at all!

Before my appointment I visited some stores....Ollie's (no more Starbucks coffee there), TJ Maxx (tried on some tops, thought about buying one but put it back), Salvation Army (bought a top that was $4.99, but was Senior day and I qualify so I paid $2.50!!), to Penny's to look for dress slacks. All my slacks are too big. The kind I love was on sale so I bought a pair of dark grey. I figured I can wear them with a lot of tops and will get other colors as I can. Yes, it was a fun and good day.

After shopping at Penny's, I went to my car to go to my hair appointment. As I approached the car, I reached into my pocket to get my keys. Oh no, they weren't there. I looked in my purse, they weren't there. As you can imagine, I felt panic coming on fast. I rushed back into the store, up the escalator (behind two ladies who were not in a I was), went to the fitting room I had been keys. Back out to the selling floor, wondering how in the world I would ever find them. Two employees were at a nearby checkout desk so I asked them if anyone found a set of keys in the fitting room. YES, they found keys but NO they weren't found in the fitting room. They were found on the floor near that checkout. That checkout desk was not open, I hadn't paid for my purchase there. I guess the keys fell out of my pocket as I walked to another checkout. [Don't tell my kids any of this...after the last key episode, I'm sure they will want to put me somewhere!! ;-)]

On my way home I stopped at Weis Markets to get milk and a few other needed food items. While I was wandering around the store, a lady and I kinda did a 'dance', each trying to get out of the others way. We chuckled. Then she said, I really love your hair! I told her I just had it cut. She said she loves the color!!! I told her I'm letting it go grey. We had a wonderful conversation all about letting hair go grey!!!! So funny. She thought I looked familiar but we couldn't find a connection. You know, I just have a face that people always think they've seen me somewhere. It happens all the time! By the way, I told her where I get my hair cut and Jess's name. I hope she follows through and becomes a new client for Jess.

So now I'm home. I made a chicken and stuffing casserole for dinner. Corey called to say he will be bringing me a present.....the pooch! They have a house showing at 9 AM tomorrow morning! That is an early one, especially for them.

Corey was already scheduled off for's his birthday! And Aidan has his appointment with the allergy specialist. I won't have the kids tomorrow but I'll have the dog.

Hope your day was a good one too!


Musicaljean said...

Your slacks are all too big???? What a wonderful problem to have!

So glad you found your keys.

Praying about that showing. And for grace for you keeping the dog!

Doris said...

Jeanie, I've been a size smaller for a while but was wearing them anyway. It's starting to bug me more and I've not bought new dress pants since I stopped working...3 years ago!

Mary Ellen said...

My keys are on a "clip", I need to get you one, they clip on to my purse handle, and they don't get lost,at least if I put them there. I've use a clip for some years, is the best for keys.
Sure glad you found your keys.

Theresa said...

Not sure how I missed this post:) Oh girl... the key situation could have been costly! I am thinking you maybe should get one of those things and hang your keys around your neck, hehe! Hope the showing goes well AND the allergy specialist gets Aidan ALL fixed up! BIG HUGS to you and wishes for a HAPPY FRIDAY!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, I am late getting to your post. I pray the early a.m. showing went well. Happy Birthday to Corey! I pray the dr. can help Aidan, too.

So happy you found your keys.....I know you did panic!!!

Keep me posted.
We have a showing between 11 - 2 Sat.

Joanne said...

those Keys have legs I guess and want to elude you. lol

Doris said...

Joanne, they surely do!!!