Thursday, January 31, 2013


Random because it's that kind of day.

  • Yesterday was warm, 60 something, but rainy. In fact, it was pouring so hard when Ellen had to get her bus to come home, she arrived home with soaked jeans. Today there is some sun but only 38 degrees, and super windy, when I checked about 2 hours ago. Snow flurries are flying at times too. Winter is still with us.

  • I did some baking yesterday. Pumpkin Snickerdoodle cookies. First time to make them. Oh my, they are so delicious!

  • I got a heating oil bill in the mail yesterday. It was for the usual amount we pay on the budget plan. Today a letter from Suburban Propane, our oil company, tells us that an adjustment has been made. We now will be paying $103 less each month. Nice....I guess freezing to death is paying off, hahaha!
  • I bought contact lenses on line for the first time ever. Christy helped me research a good deal. She's has a nose for a deal =) They arrived today. I'll make that order last and last. Plus I filled out paper work to mail in for a $25 rebate. Nice!
  • Saving money where we can is crucial as we wait for our move. For those out there that are scrimping and scraping and still wondering if it's enough, I feel your pain.
  • I worked in our bedroom closet yesterday. I'm not done.....I need to get up there and finish!
  • Gina is home sick again today. Oh dear. Missing work is not good. She does not have health insurance so going to a Dr. will not happen unless absolutely necessary. She will be eligible for health insurance in March. She can't wait.
  • Ellen's cough/ cold has gone. What a relief!!
  • My eye is feeling better, not just fine yet. I continue to wear my glasses instead of contacts. 
  • I did so much laundry the last two days. Where does all this dirty stuff com from?? 
  • Did I mention lately how anxious I am to move ;-) I'm not a very patient person and this waiting has the potential to do me in. Trying to rest in it all but struggling, sad to say.
  • One of the houses we looked at on Sunday had in-law quarters. That part was so nice. Wasn't big but we could be very comfortable in it. We aren't saying we must have separate living space, we'll be fine with whatever. The rest of the house was kinda small and isn't in a school district we are hoping for. And, we really can't consider anything till we have an offer on Corey and Christy's property anyway.
  • I've been writing my blog in Google Chrome. I can upload pictures without a stitch of trouble. Nice! I was hoping maybe I'd be able to do some other changes, like the color of the lettering in the header. But no such luck. Crazy Blogger!!
That's all for today. If you are in the area, stop in for a cookie....I'll be sure to save you some! I'll even brew some coffee to go with it/them! 

Blessings to you today.


Musicaljean said...

Wish I were in the area for cookies and coffee with you. That would be fun.

I always get my contacts at Curious to know where you got yours.

Yea for the lower monthly oil bill! That happened to our electric plan this year too. Our house is total electric.

I do hope and pray Gina recovers soon and can get back to work.

And I'm always praying that God will soon MOVE in regards to the house selling and buying. COME, kingdom of God, BE DONE, will of God!

Annmarie Pipa said...

hope you guys are all well soon!! I did some Christmas shopping yesterday..most things were 80% I was looking at the prices, I wondered who really pays full price for things, and who doesn't watch every dime?

Joanne said...

cookies and coffee sounds great, whish I could. trying to save money is so hard especially when the pay check is low. But I guess Im making it some how. Hope your house Hunting comes to a halt soon so that you can get settled.

Theresa said...

I'll take a cookie right now please;). Wouldn't that be nice if I could pop in for a cookie? Oh yes it would!!! I hope Gina feels better, we have had our share or sickness around here. Great news on the heating bill!!! That is nice. Enjoy your evening and we'll keep praying for sales and buys for new homes:). Hugs!!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, thanks for all the updates on savings, health and baking. Yes, we know your anxiety as it hits us as well while we await a potential buyer for our home. This new year we are working hard at packing things to keep, donate, sell or toss out and have curtailed travel as well. Also saving wherever possible. The coolies looked wonderful...will there be any left around Easter time? We will be making our family visits and expect to be in Mannheim April 5-8 and sure hope to see you again!

Granny said...

Oh Doris, my how busy you are!!! You give me the inspiration I need to actually get things done around my house :) I'm so anxious for you all to move with your grands ...there is absolutely nothing that beats spending precious time with them everyday. As you look forward to this, we have no idea when ours will be moving will definitely be a hard move on all of us since this has been the only arrangement the little ones have known. So, I'm just enjoying one day at a time with both of them.

Cookies always always always makes everyday look brighter...hope you stay warm with this cold spell we're having...maybe more cookies????

Blessings, my friend

Kimberly said...

It was so windy here in New Jersey today. I usually can take the cold but today "I was freezing" all day. Those cookies look yummy and if I lived closed I would stop in.
Nice to meet you, Doris!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, Hope Gina and Ellen feel much better soon. Hope your eye feels better also. We had a tornado about 30 miles from here on Wed. I fractured a tooth so I was out in the horrid weather going to the dentist. Later the same day, John had an appt. about his diabetes. Very heavy rain/wind here but thankfully, no damage. The lady I am sitting with has a grandson whose home was destroyed Wed. - so sad but at least he, his wife and baby are safe.
Continuing to pray for you all.