Friday, December 14, 2012

Shopping, Visiting, Fun

I met Christy, Aidan and Zoe at the mall today. Christy had to work. Aidan wanted to shop.

We did a little bit of shopping.

Aidan chose this guy to hang around our house =)

We went to see Gina at work. She was very busy so we said a Hi and a Goodbye! Next we went to see Greta at work. She wasn't as busy so we could visit for a short time. Next it was up the elevator to see Kim. She was ready to go to lunch. We got to visit with her too!

Aidan really wanted a smoothie. I bought one for the two of them to share. As we were looking for a bench to sit on, I heard my name. It was Aidan and Zoe's other Grandma and their Aunt Donna! We visited with them too =)

Strawberry and Orange....yum!

Zoe enjoys it too =)
Look at their expressions on these two photos.....

I thought their expressions are so similar!

Aidan thought they were really silly!

Other things I did today -
I tweaked the tree. Just wasn't liking the old ribbons so I made new ones. I used some of the old ribbon to make the light over the dining room table a bit more festive.
I made a scalloped potato and sausage casserole for dinner. I used shredded hashbrowns and sausage crumbles. Easy peasy tonight!
I washed dishes. My poor dishwater hands =(  They are a nightmare.
I did laundry. Another of the many never-ending jobs!!
I laughed with Aidan and Zoe at the dinner table. Zoe was being too cute. That girl, oh my!
It was a good day. I now need to get myself to bed....will be another busy day tomorrow.
I only heard of the tragedy in CT after I returned home late this afternoon. I cannot find words to express my sadness. I will pray and pray and pray for the many families whose lives are forever changed by this.


Musicaljean said...

It's so cool that most of the women in your family work at the mall!

You MADE a new ribbon for your tree? How did you do that?

Doris said...

Jeanie.....hahahaha! it took hours ;) no wonder I can't seem to get much done around here...

Theresa said...

Love all of your sweet pictures and new bows:) Those little children and such blessings to us Grandmas, aren't they! Enjoy your day dear Doris. I am praying for all of the victims, families and the entire community in CT! HUGS and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Love your sweet grandbabies and the tree is gorgeous.
My prayers are with yesterday's victims also.

Barb said...

Such adorable kids!! It just makes me more sad to think of all the families who won't get to enjoy their kids chatter and laughter after yesterdays events. Praying for all of those affected by this.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sure that many folks were hugging their children and grandchildren a lot more this weekend. Yes, it is hard to make any sense of such senseless violence, other than to say there are sick and twisted individuals who do not seem to value human life not even their own.
The tree did look very nice with the revised bow.