Friday, December 21, 2012

More Cookie Baking

Zoe and Aidan were my companions again on Monday
 so we baked more cookies.
Pumpkin chocolate chip this time.
Look at these two messing with the spilled flour =)

While the cookies were baking,
they painted some snow
...white paint....
on some pine cones.
I had wanted to do this because I thought
they would look better on the centerpiece.
Aidan was disappointed that we weren't decorating the cookies.
This project helped to ease the disappointment.
They had fun!

Aidan is still covered in flour =)

The cookies are finished
so are Aidan and Zoe!!
Cookie baking is hard work!!

Look what Ellen brought home from school today for me......

Isn't it beautiful?

Christmas is coming and I have much to do to prepare. I'm sure you do too! Blessings to you as you cook, clean, bake, clean, shop, wrap, clean (hehe) ......Merry Christmas!


Theresa said...

Oh we love our sweeties, don't we? Cute little ones enjoying making goodies. Pretty flowers;). Have a blessed day dear Doris! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Aidan's flour on his face looks like Santa's beard!!! Aidan and Zoe are both so cute and the cookies looks delicious! I imagine you could use a nap too! Merry Christmas to all!


Such a fun grandma ... the kids must adore coming to your house.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The cookies look great and you sure tired out the young bakers, Doris. Hope you got some rest too after all that fun.