Monday, October 22, 2012

We had a busy weekend!

Saturday was a work day at home for us. It was the first Saturday we both had the entire day to get something done around here.... since the middle of August! Dale worked at repairing the balcony which needs painting and I did the cleaning, laundry and dishes!

Saturday evening was time for fun. Our church has been having a fall party/hay ride for years and years. I enjoy the food, the camp fires, the fellowship so much. But, I let the hay ride to others! I sat by the fire and chatted with those who also didn't go on the hay ride. Fun!

The busy continued on Sunday. Aidan and Zoe's preschool was taking part in the Sunday service at the church where the school is held. How sweet to see these little ones gathered around the Pastor as he told them a story from the Bible. Aidan positioned himself right in front of the Pastor and he got to hold the sheep puppet which was part of the story. They also sang two songs, the Pastor played his guitar as they sang. Oh how sweet!! The kids really love this Pastor. After the service, the church blessed us with a wonderful meal. It was so good!

After we left there, we went to an open house. We didn't think it was the house for us but decided to check it out. It is not the house for us!

Then home we came. The family soon started gathering here as usual. We ordered pizza. Someone mentioned making s'mores. So Dale made a fire and we had s'mores!

So here it is, Monday evening. This week will be as many are. I'll keep Aidan and Zoe as usual, I'll do the normal chores, I'll make meals.

I can't go till I show you this.....

Brinley Hope is walking!
And this....
My handsome Grand...
Looking good, he's all ready to attend his last
HS Homecoming dance.
His last one???
Seems like yesterday he was starting Kindergarten.
Wishing you a Blessed evening!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Brinley Hope is walking - she is so petite and sweet. Andrew is a fine young man.
Sounds like you had a great but busy weekend. I know you'll sleep well tonight.

Musicaljean said...

From the youngest to the oldest!! Each one so precious.

It does feel so good to have time to stay home and get stuff done, doesn't it?

Theresa said...

I remember that event last year:) Awww, that sweetie walking... preciousness:) Love that pic of your handsome Grandson! Time flies RIGHT by and it makes me SAD! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!