Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Another Day?

Is there such a thing as just another day?  I'm not sure there is. I may do the same monotonous  chores day after day after day. But, it's not just another day!

How do I know? There is always something to make the day special, different or unusual. Yes there is.

For example, yesterday I attended a 31 Party. Never did that before. They have nice things to purchase and I did buy 3 things. One is a gift for Ellen, one may be a gift for Gina but I think she won't wait till Christmas and 1 thing is for me. It was a half price item because I spent $31 or more. How nice!

Today I have more laundry to do. Aidan and Zoe will be spending time with me. I will prepare a meal and wash the dishes (by hand cause I don't own a dishwasher). But, I did something else too.....I took my little Buick to the shop AGAIN! Oh, good grief. The check engine light came on last evening on my way home from the party. The car started running like a put-put tractor... [oh dear oh dear]. How I hope it isn't something serious!

Wonder what is in store for my day tomorrow?? I'm certain it will not be just another day =)

Wishing you a blessed Thursday. May car troubles not be part of your day!


Theresa said...

Always something, hope the car isn't serious. I just ordered some 31 stuff. Love their goods:). Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs

Musicaljean said...

I just hate that your car is giving you so much trouble.

I see lots of people talking about 31 parties, but I'm just not convinced I need anything. What did you get for yourself?

Maple Lane said...

I am not familiar with 31 parties.
I sure hope your car can be repaired inexpensively.
I've bought a few little gifts for Christmas at the market each week.
Praying for you precious friend.