Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mid-Week Ramblimgs

Here it is, Wednesday already! Hard to believe that September is almost over too.  Nothing much happening around here so I'll just ramble......

  • Noticed more leaves are changing. Saw red and a few yellow today. Beautiful!
  • Gas prices are going in the right direction....paid $3.77 today.
  • Ellen had her teeth cleaned yesterday and eyes checked today. Had to take her out of school both days. No cavities (yea!) and Dr. Klombers is very pleased with her eyes. She won't need an exam for 2 years....we've been going every year for many years.
  • I have such a hard time making decisions sometimes. I wish someone would just say 'do this, not that' when I can't seem to come to a conclusion! You ever feel like that?
  • My car is not fixed yet but they feel they have discovered the problem. Ellen kept pointing out all the cars like mine on our way home today. Yes, I'll be ready to have it back again!
  • After a morning temp of 36 yesterday, today felt like a heat wave! Not sure how cold it was but it didn't feel all that bad while waiting with Ellen for her bus this morning.
  • Greta and Lynn got their wedding pictures. Oh, wow! They are wonderful!!!
  • Trying to eat better for better health stinks sometimes. It's hard. Things I've decided to avoid would be the easy stuff to prepare or snack on. Bummer.
  • Yesterday I made an apple coffee cake. I love anything apple. And I ate some and some more and then some more. I suffered from heartburn (knew that would happen but it didn't stop me!) and will not eat any more of it. But, it was soooooo good!
  • Should I let you in on a decision I will notice it anyway so I guess I will. I'm not going to color my hair anymore. It's very silver under the light brown. Oh boy, hope I can stand the new look!
  • Stink bugs have returned. They hang on the screens and find their way into the house. They are not welcome here and get a nice flush. Yuck!
  • Yesterday while Aidan and Zoe played outdoors, I sat on the grass and read. What a lovely day. A neighbor was burning something and it just smelled like fall. Loved it!

That will be enough ramblings. Hope you are enjoying your week. Embrace the day, tomorrow will come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, apple coffee cake sounds so good with a cup of coffee. I would enjoy sitting outdoors to read. I know Aidan and Zoe are enjoying the nicer weather.
I quit coloring my hair about 4 years ago. I love not having to endure the coloring process and it saves $ too!

Theresa said...

Yum, I'll have a slice of that apple cake:) Good for you not coloring your hair, I am not that brave YET:) Sitting on the grass and reading sounds like a wonderfully restful time. Hope you have a really blessed day, HUGS!

Mary Ellen W. said...

Doris, you are fortunate to have thick hair, you can do so many more styles than I can with fine hair. I'm proud of you to chose gray.

Musicaljean said...

Hmmm. Good for you. Mary Ellen's right. With your thick hair, you can get away with anything you do or do not do with it.

Hopefully sometime I will get that brave.

Isn't it true? The bad stuff to eat is always the quickest and easiest. hat apple coffee cake sounds amazing.

Doris said...

Oh dear sisters, Really, my thick-er hair makes it easier to go silver (like that better than gray, hehe)? Guess we shall see. Money, or the lack there of, has been a big deciding factor for me. And not wanting to color it myself. I tried that last year and it didn't work on so many levels. I'm not going to like the growing out stage but Jess has some tricks up her sleeve to help me. She thinks I will look good in silver =) She's so awesome!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Apple cake sounds like a wonderful idea now, but we are also trying to eat better and afraid it would not last long here. So, we treat ourselves to sugar-free ice cream treats and while not the same at least it's a treat! I did try no coloring my hair a year or so ago, but didn't like the gray/silver which for me started when I was in my 30s. Now I wait quite awhile before going for a cut/color combo to save a little $. Not much fall color here yet, but it's coming...