Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ellen!

Ellen is 18 today!

The celebrating started on Saturday with a trip to Hershey Chocolate World with Ellen's friend Ashely. Here they are....and what is that in the background?? Reese's PB cups, Ellen's favorite!

We went on the ride twice.
 Ellen wanted to go outside to see the new roller coaster ride in the park.

Aren't they cute?

A closer look at the ride.
We didn't get to go to Hershey Park this year....
maybe next year!
From there we headed to Wendy's for something to eat.
Then to the Hershey Outlets
for some shopping/looking.
Mostly looking =)
One is NEVER too old =)

Our celebrating continued on Sunday with lunch at Ruby Tuesday's with Scott, Marcy and the kids and Greta and Lynn and Gina. We had so much fun!

Greta and Lynn had a gift for Ellen.


A new Backpack,
Yellow composition book,
Pink pencil box and pencils,
Peanut Butter Cups!!!
Marcy and Scott also had something for her.
Ellen always wants an Ice Cream cake and that is what she got.
She wanted to have it when most of her sibs could enjoy it with her.
Happy Birthday, dear Ellen!
Today is the first day of school...what a bummer for her to have it fall on her birthday! Oh well, I used her gift as a motivator to keep her moving this morning =)
She ate her breakfast with it in front of her.
A Jeff Gordon insulated bag...
a Timex watch....
a bag of Gummy Bears and a word search book.
She was ready for the bus by 7 a.m.
Oh Mom, really?
Mom said, You betcha!
And, I'm not finished with the camera yet....
That's an awesome backpack you have there =)
Tonight Greta and Lynn are taking her to Pizza Hut. We will be going to see 2 houses with Corey and Christy and our Real Estate Agent, Kim.
I do believe that Ellen will remember her 18th with warm fuzzy feelings. Happy Birthday, Ellen!
And a Blessed day to you too! I'll be posting soon about what I've been up to during my break.



Musicaljean said...

So many memories of that day eighteen years ago! I'm glad she's having such a great 18th birthday celebration.

From the Kitchen said...

Happy Birthday to Ellen!! What a delicious way to celebrate.


Theresa said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you Ellen! Beautiful picture of her and her friend:) It appears that she was showered with gifts, fun and lots of love! Just like it is supposed to be! Can't wait to hear what you have been up to... I miss you:)

Have a blessed day, hope the house is a good one!

Annmarie Pipa said...

welcome back to blog land! and happy birthday to beautiful Ellen. my kids worked at hershey park this year so we all went many many times...they get free tickets in their paychecks and the employes get in free.

Barb said...

Good to hear from you again! Love the pictures and the little bit of the kitchen that I could see looks great! I should have taken time to see your house when I was in the area.Next year you'll probably be in another house.

Joanne said...

awsome Birthday for ellen. 18 wonder where the time goes.

marcy said...

Happy Birthday Ellen! Love your back to school outfit...very cute. Hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great birthday celebration for Ellen. Love the photos and all her special gifts.

Keep us posted on the house search!