Friday, June 15, 2012

I confess...and more pictures

I confess.......

Yesterday, after not hearing one word from the happy couple,

 I sent a text to Greta.

I got a return message which said they got there just fine and are having a good time.

I said, Thanks and I wouldn't bother them again. I won't! (Greta sent a text back that said it wasn't a problem and she will call when they are back in the states again.) Sweet girl!

I tried to be ok with not hearing from them....I really really tried. But my mind just couldn't rest. I'm fine now =)

As more people post photos of the wedding, I find more I feel compelled to share. If you have had enough already, I will not be offended if you skip these!

Posted by Marcy.......

Pretty girls in white...
Paityn and Zoe

These kids make my heart go

They promise to love and cherish.

My daughter Marcy,
her hubby Scott
and daughters Brinley and Paityn.
What a great family photo!!

This shot makes my heart go
pitter-patter too!

My son Corey,
his wife Christy
and their children Zoe and Aidan.

This is the family we plan to live with sometime soon...
we all hope it's soon!
Aidan often tells me that he can't wait to live with us...
sweet boy =)

It's a beautiful day in PA again. Housework this morning then Aidan and Zoe come to spend the day with Nana, Gina and Ellen. Maybe we will go to the playground for a bit.

Enjoy the day!


Theresa said...

Sweet pictures that made my heart go pitter-patter also:). It would be just like me to check in on the newlyweds... Not a problem;). Have a blessed and fun day! Hugs

Musicaljean said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures!! We never heard from our kids on their honeymoons. I remember thinking they could DIE and we wouldn't know it till they didn't return home!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, always a proud and happy mom and it shows so go ahead and share all you's you blog ou know :-) Good luck with the new iPhone too; we thought about getting on and decided we could live without it (for now).

Anonymous said...

I adore seeing the pics you share. What a lovely family and precious little ones. Still praying for your house search. John has shingles and is in a lot of pain - I may be away from my blog but email me with any news.


Love your tiny print, Doris, as you told the whole world wide web. :-)
Once a mom ... always a mom, right?