Friday, April 27, 2012

New Shoes

I ordered shoes online this week for the first time. Greta's wedding is June 9. We went shoe shopping several times and found nothing! Desperation calls for desperate measures, I guess. Now, I know a ton of you order online all.the.time. I do some shopping through the web, but shoes? I like to try them before buying.

So, I first ordered a pair for Gina. She had tried some at Boscov's that she liked but needed a wide. I could get them in her size by ordering them. Then I decided to look around for me. I found this cute pair of heels in navy that I could get in a wide width. Took a deep breath and ordered. The next day I decided to see what I could find for Ellen. Found a pair of sandals for her prom and a pair for the wedding at Sears.

Gina's shoes came in the mail yesterday, she likes them! Mine came by UPS late afternoon, I like them! Ellen's should arrive today....holding my breath, hoping they fit!

My Shoes - 

Love them!
The heel doesn't look high
I have not walked in heels like this in forever.
I'll be walking around the house
in these shoes
I don't stumble down that long church aisle!


Gina's shoes -


They have a nice wedge heel...
Gina likes that!
(whatever is on the floor beside the box bugs me
but not enough to take another pic!)

So hard to believe it's Friday already. Where has this week gone? I have cleaning and laundry to do before my sweet Littles come to stay at Nana's house today. They brighten any day. And this cold day needs some brightening! It's 46 and windy out there this morning. We've had one nice day this week, the rest was cold, cloudy, rainy, windy and did I mention COLD?

Have a warm, wonderful Friday! I'll be finding warmth in ways other than the temp outdoors =)


Maple Lane said...

Hi Doris, I love your shoes; they are very pretty. I haven't worn heels in forever either. Hoping that Ellen's will fit well also. Enjoy those littles today; might be a good day for hot cocoa and marshmallows! My niece and brother are coming for brunch for her early birthday celebration today.

Musicaljean said...

I love those shoes!!

Will we see you tomorrow morning at MCDS's country breakfast?

Theresa said...

OH MY... beautiful shoes! I have not ordered shoes on-line for the same reason! I like to try them on, but my daughter has ordered lots of shoes for her and the kiddos! Enjoy your day my friend, I am enjoying mine:) HUGS!

From the Kitchen said...

i've been happy with shoes ordered online. love the look of yours. happy wedding preparations.


marcy said...

I love the shoes! I still need to go shopping for something to wear to the wedding.