Monday, April 23, 2012

Lovely Sunday

It was a rainy day. I'm not usually crazy about rainy days. Yesterday was ok. But it was really cold, as it is today.

Here are some highlights of our Sunday :
  • We ate lunch with Marcy, Scott, Paityn, Brinley (who slept through most of it!) and Lynn.
  • We toured a house with Kim (daughter agent) and Corey and Christy and kids. We may consider buying it. We did like it a lot. But there are some things to consider, the ever present pros and cons in every dwelling.....
  • Some of the kids gathered here in the evening.
  • I made soup -  taco soup and chicken corn noodle. It was a good soup day!
  • We also ate the chocolate cake that I made Saturday evening.
  • Lynn and Greta brought ice cream - yum!
Of course I took pictures.....

Lynn shows how strong he is by keeping Paityn elevated
while pumping her legs like she is riding a bicycle....
Paityn loved it!

Daddy (Scott) and Uncle Lynn
use their napkins to play a game with Paityn....
she loved it!

Brinley gets comfy =)

Aunt Gina has some Brinley time.

Andrew (grandson) helps himself to more food =)

Greta is doing something very important...
researching the web for a replacement
power cord for me!!
No order yet, but we'll get there.
It continues to work just fine, by the way =)

My favorite photo on our lovely Sunday!
We have some wonderful men in our family
who are great Dads, Uncles, and cousins.

Today has been a slow go so far. It's cold but at least it's not snowing here! So far today I washed a bunch of dishes, picked up from yesterday, ordered a pair of shoes for Greta's wedding. I have never ordered shoes on-line before but I need navy, I have wide feet and time is running out! Hope they fit!

Ellen is sick today. Actually, before she went to bed last night she said she felt dizzy and had a headache. I took her temp and sure enough, she had a fever. One thing for sure, if Ellen is home and isn't dancing, doing cheers, talking, giggling....she IS sick!!

May you be warm and well this Monday!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that Ellen is sick. Hope she feels better soon. Your soup sounds delicious for a cold, rainy night. I can't get over how Brinley is growing. She and Paityn are so cute. I'm praying for you guys as you consider making an offer on the home you looked at. May God bless and lead you in your decision.

Theresa said...

Looks like my kinda day, surrounded by loved ones!!! Enjoy your Monday, hope Ellen feels better. Hugs


It sounds perfect. I miss those family Sundays .... my family all lives in another state.

Mary El len said...

Wonderful pictures. I hope Ellen soon feels better.