Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun at the Playground

What a week it has been so far. Our weather has been crazy....86 on Monday, 70 on Tuesday, 60 on Wednesday! It feels rather chilly this morning.

Here are the photos I took at the Manheim playground on Monday. It was really hot. Zoe went to sleep in the car almost as soon as we started driving so she slept through some of the fun. Aidan was very disappointed to find that we were the only ones at the park. He said in such a sad voice, "There aren't any kids here". He found Nana and Aunt Gina to be fun. At least I think he did!

One trip down a slide
they were too stinkin' hot!

Gotta clean the wood chips out of my Crocs!

Nana, can you hear me now?

Yes, Aidan, I can hear you!

He drove the airplane to hot Africa to pick me up =)

I was so amazed at what all he's mastered since last year.
He went up and down with out Nana's help
and Nana was ok with it =)

He had to work at this
but he did it!

I'm very proud of your accomplishment too, Aidan!

Zoe joins in the fun after her little nap.

Aidan wanted to play longer but it was just too hot. We will go again on another day, a nicer day, and maybe there will be kids to play with!

Today will be a day for laundry fun, putting away some stuff from the week-end fun, dirty dishes fun, and so much more!

May a fun Wednesday be in yours too!


Theresa said...

Sometimes it is nice to just stay in and do the laundry etc. It is a little rainy here today but I had to get out and go to the grocery store! I am enjoying a little inside time now and we SURE need the rain! No complaints here!

Those little ones are sooooo cute! I wish the parks would put a cover over some of the slides. They get really hot and can burn the little children!

Enjoy your day my friend, BIG HUGS!

Joanne said...

they are adorable children

Maple Lane said...

What sweet pictures. Aidan is growing so fast. Our weather is much cooler and as Theresa commented above, it is raining. I don't mind staying in on days like this.
Hope Aidan and Zoe get to go to the playground again when it is not too hot!


Always fun at your house.