Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cleaning Today

Not an exciting day...but I'm happy to have some time to clean. I'm working in our bedroom then to the bathroom then...well, I'm not sure if I'll get farther than that!

I have some windows open. I hear tractors going by. The state road crew is at work nearby too. Lots of 'beep beep beep' as they move their trucks.

Later we will attempt to find Ellen some new sneakers. She is so hard on he shoes!

Gina heads our way again tomorrow! Looking forward to having her home again for a few days. Would love to have Joe come too but he has to work. We will be ordering new glasses for her, getting alterations done for her dress for Greta's wedding, looking for shoes for the wedding......will be a fun time!

Looking forward to a family dinner on Sunday. Dale's family is getting together at his Mother and sister Nancy's home. Our children always looked forward to the Fahnestock gatherings there and now our Grands do too! Aidan was jumping up and down with excitement the other day when we talked about it.

Aidan went to the hospital last night. He has been so healthy for the last several weeks which we were so thankful for. He was coughing a little bit on Monday but other than that he seemed fine. I guess he was having a lot of trouble breathing last night and they took him to the ER. I've not heard how he is  this morning. Please keep him in you payers!

Enough of a break....I've some cleaning to do!

Happy Wednesday!

*Update on Aidan. He wasn't admitted. But he now has an Asthma diagnosis. His attack last night was pretty bad. And it scared him a lot. Christy took him to the Dr. again this morning. He also has an ear infection! Praying for my little man!


Theresa said...

Hey GIRL! Come clean mine for me:) I have soooo much to do around here but I do it in spurts! Not much cleaning going on today at my house! Taxes this morning, shopping after that and movie this afternoon:) Enjoy your clean house! I am looking forward to Sunday with the family too! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Remembering Aidan in our prayers.

Don't work too hard!

Musicaljean said...

Poor boy. A tight chest is so scary.

Hope you're enjoying your freshly cleaned bedroom tonight.