Monday, March 26, 2012

Bridal Shower for our Greta

Whew, what a couple of crazy busy days!

Thursday and Friday I kept Aidan and Zoe, attended a funeral Thursday morning, took Ellen to a bowling activity Friday evening, shopped for a few items for the bridal shower then went back to the bowling ally to wait for Ellen to be finished, drove to our meeting spot where we meet Gina when she comes down with Joe's Mother, waited for her then went back home to a messy house and laundry to be folded. [Sigh]

 Saturday morning we all headed to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Gina and Joe gave us a gift card for Christmas that was waiting for the right time to be used. We had a great breakfast! Next it was to the mall where Dale and I had an appointment with an eye Doctor. We both need glasses so bad and even though the day was not  the greatest to make the appointment, we decided that we would make it work! Shopped for a shower gift for Gina to give her sister, got our eyes checked, waited for Christy (and Zoe...we were taking her to the shower with us)  to arrive to work (she works at Modern Eyes where we were ordering our glasses), got our measurements, then back home! I had gifts to wrap, bags of stuff to take to the shower and some food to load in the car. We were off to the shower!!

What a great time! Greta received a lot of wonderful gifts to help make her house a home. We had wonderful food and played some fun games. Enjoy some pictures....

These three were responsible for a lot of planning.
Sandy (behind the table) is the mother of Shalane and Julissa.
Julissa is Greta's Maid of Honor.
Sandy and I worked together a long time ago.
Greta and Julissa became friends then
and continued all the way through HS.
Shalane works in the Dietary Dept at the Retirement Community
where I had worked.
They are a wonderful family!

Food was Yummy!

I printed some pics of Greta and Lynn.
Had the silver dress picture holder from a women's event at church...
needed to give it height on the table
so I went looking through the church kitchen.
One bowl wasn't enough, but two worked!
Added the napkins to give some color.

Some of the gifts.
Can you guess what Greta's favorite color is??

Zoe is excited to see Brinley
and Paityn is excited to see Zoe!

Zoe was also thrilled that another baby came to the party!

Dressing a Bride with toilet paper!
Paityn offered to be a Bride...
Kim, Marcy and I dressed her.
She endured the tedious process like a champ!

Paityn's Mommy fixes her head piece.

What have I gotten myself into????

The 4 Brides pose for Greta to choose her favorite dress....
She chose Julissa's!
They were all so creative!


Opening Gifts!
Ellen collected the paper as Greta opened the gifts.

A purple cutting board!

Lots of helping hands!

Charlene (Greta's future sister-in-law)
enjoys some Brinley time.

We really had a wonderful time. Greta has some great friends, aunts, Grandmas and future in-laws. They blessed her with such lovely gifts. Thank God that the Good's (Lynn's parents) have an extra room at their house to store them. Not sure where they would have gone here!

My sister Jean reminded me of a picture that my sister Mary Ellen took of all my it is!

Front row -
Gina, Kim holding Brinley (daughter of Marcy), Marcy holding her daughter, Paityn
Back row -
Me holding Zoe (daughter of DIL Christy who had to work), Greta, Ellen



Musicaljean said...

So happy for Greta!

Mary Ellen had such a nice picture of you and all your girls. You should save it and post it for your blog friends.

From the Kitchen said...

Weddings and all the events leading up to them are such fun. Hope you all enjoy every minute!!


Theresa said...

I LOVE showers and weddings:) I know that you all had the best of times! The table was awesome and the BRIDE is gorgeous! Enjoy your Monday and get a little rest, RIGHT:) HUGS!

momto8 said...

fun time and fun pics! good for you!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a grand time! What a happy time in their lives...may God richly bless the bride and groom to be!


Such a wonderful wonderful picture of you and your girls. What a great party to honor the bride.