Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet Party for a Sweet Girl!

Our Zoe had a very sweet Birthday Party on Sunday. Sweetness goes hand in hand with this little girl!

Zoe Rose

Guess what all those sweets were for....

Soft Ice Cream!
Yum, yum, yum!!

We had 'good for you food' too......
sandwiches, veggies and fresh fruit =)
Amber, Christy and Laura say it's all good!

Scott and Corey fill up their plates too.
Who is that at the candy table??

Zoe welcomes Brinley

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Zoe!

Here's another  Ice Cream lover!

That's what you call a
Real. Big. Ice Cream. Cone, Gavin!

Balloon Volleyball, anyone?
Aidan and Paityn say yes!
Ellen did for a while too.
As did several of the Scott cousins!

It's time for gifts....
the first one was from Aunt Ellen.

Amber knows I like babies
and what is in this pink paper?

This is from Nana and Pop Pop

A Dora beach chair!

More gifts!
If I remember correctly,
Riley helped her Grandmom
wrap this gift for Zoe.

Brendan reads the instructions
and puts the wheels on the doll buggy
all by himself!

Riley checks out the buggy,
 Paityn tries out the chair,
Zoe plays with the stroller.

Before we left the party
Zoe wanted to show us something.....

Look what I can do!!!

And one more photo......

Sweet Brinley with her Aunt Kimmy.
Oh what a dolly!

The kids came here after the party. I hadn't gone food shopping since the beginning of the week so I didn't promise food! But I did have some left overs I could warm up plus some snacks.....not that anyone was all that hungry! We laughed till our sides hurt as Kim told us about a shopping trip with her hubby. He was telling the sales person all kinds of crazy stuff in answer to the questions the guy was asking. Oh my word....what a hilarious time! We also watched some of the Oscar's.

Today Aidan baked chocolate chip cookies with Greta. They are so good! I made a pot of black bean chili that I'll eat for lunch this week (yum!) and Spanish rice for dinner. Our house has all kinds of fragrances today!

Ellen and I also met with her case worker, Kelly, this afternoon. She is such a nice girl. We asked for funding for camp again. It won't cover all of it this year.

Now Aidan and Zoe are gone, Greta just left with Lynn for Young Adults at church, Hubs is getting a haircut and I'm kicking back on the sofa with my feet propped up!  I'm tired! There are dishes to wash again (already washed a bunch this afternoon)...maybe they will wait till the morning. One thing for sure, they aren't going anywhere!

Have a great evening, my friends!


Anonymous said...

Zoe looks beautiful! What a fun party and sweet gifts for a darling girl. Thank you for sharing these pics with us. Take it easy and rest well tonight, Doris.

Musicaljean said...

What a fun party! That ice cream is looking way too good to me right now! I just love the pic of Brinley smiling at Kim. I hope I get to see Brinley before she's walking!

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun party for that sweet little one! I love watching everyone having fun and have YUMMY snacks! That is ONE big ice cream! I wonder if he got to eat it all before the top fell off:) Enjoy your evening dear Doris, HUGS!

momto8 said...

wow...lucky girl!! what a fun the soft serve idea!!
happy birthday!!