Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow, Family, Friends, and Monday

This is what we woke up to Saturday morning...


By noon, it was all gone.

Corey and Christy both had to work again on Saturday so I had the kids. Marcy called soon after they got here to see if Aidan would like to go with Scott and Paityn to see the Muppet movie. Yes he did! So I loaded up the kids to go meet Scott at the mall, halfway between our homes. Aidan told me he loved the movie....Kermit the Frog was his favorite =)

Later in the afternoon Gina and Joe arrived. They came to Lancaster County to see his Grandma. It was so good to see Joe again. He hasn't been here since our beach vacation in August. We all (everyone but Corey and Christy) went to dinner at Country Table....our favorite place when they come. Before heading to the restaurant, we had a snow squall that was fierce! It looked like a blizzard but didn't last long....thank God. It did snow more though and was oh so cold!

And where was my camera??? At home =/

Sunday morning was spent at church. Lunch is usually with the kids but we did something different this Sunday. We went for pizza with 3 couples from church. That was fun! After that it was home for a NAP! Now, that is different too! We stayed put all the rest of the day. The kids were at Corey and Christy's house but we stayed home. I just felt too lazy to do anything!

So now it's Monday. This is what Aidan and I were up to a little while ago.....

We baked a chocolate cake...
a surprise for his Mommy.
While I was snapping away, I told him to turn up the mixer.
He said, Nana, it's slopping everywhere!
Can you see where all it went?

He loves to bake!

And Zoe was busy too....

What you up to, Zoe?

Zoe says,
Just watch me
and you will know!

Oh, I see!
You are taking your Bear for a ride!

Now Zoe is sleeping, Aidan is washing the chalk board, I have the chicken in the oven. Must finish the icing for the cake and decorate it with hearts and cook a veggie. Off I go.....

Have a great Monday evening!


Anonymous said...

The snow is oh so pretty! Sounds like you had a nice weekend and Aidan and Zoe are so precious. Yes I see the cake batter went a little wild! Zoe is growing now and that sweater is so sweet! Their mommy will love the cake! Take care and have a restful evening, Doris.

Musicaljean said...

It surely was a cold weekend. I was so glad some of our kids came to us so we didn't have to go out much.

I think you may have gotten more snow than we did. Difference is - ours stayed.

Such cute pics of the kids.

Theresa said...

What a busy but fun weekend:) Love the picture of your little COOK helper! He is looking SO cute with his little haircut helping with the cake! Enjoy your evening dear Doris, HUGS!

Mary Ellen said...

It is good to know you had a Sunday nap. Loved the pictures and your blog.