Monday, February 6, 2012

Sisters, Sick Kiddos, Superbowl

What a week-end!


Saturday morning was spent with two of my sisters. Jeanie and I went to Mary Ellen's home for breakfast.

Fruit and fruit smoothies...yum!

Baked oatmeal...yum!!

Jeanie and Mary Ellen enjoying
coffee and conversation.

What a relaxing morning! After breakfast Mary Ellen drove us to a local Nursing Home where our Uncle Paul (my Mom's brother) is a resident. We had a wonderful time visiting, chatting about family, reminiscing about our Mother and we sang a few hymns for him too. Jeanie had brought some Hymnals along with her to Mary Ellen's house but on the way to see Uncle Paul, she realized she left them there! So we sang from memory. What a precious time we had. So glad we could include the visit in our time together.

On the way back to Mary Ellen's home, Jeanie got a call from her Hubby that he was at the Salvation Army thrift store so we took her to meet him there. Mary Ellen wanted Dick to snap some pictures of what if it was at the busy Salvation Army store =))

Mary Ellen, Jeanie and me

Sick Kiddos

After I left Mary Ellen's home, I stopped at the local discount grocery to load up on some good food. Load up, I did! Soon after arriving home, Christy called. She was going to be bringing the kids to our house before she went to work. Corey was working too. His company has a stand at the Eastern Sports Show in the Farm Show complex in Harrisburg this week. It's a very busy time for them. Anyway, Christy called to tell me that Aidan was still sick. (he started a fever again on Wed. Zoe has a runny nose and cough) She wondered if I could come to their house instead. Of course! So I put away most of the groceries and off I went again. Both kids were sleeping when I arrived. Aidan woke shortly after Christy left. He awoke crying which woke Zoe in the next room. I brought them downstairs, with a warm blanket for Aidan and a baby doll for Zoe. We piled on the sofa and watched movies on Netflix.

This sick Little Man is a trooper!

But, Nana, I just want to see the pictures you took.....
don't take a picture of meeeeeeeee!!!!

We watched an old Spiderman show, Toy Story 3 (first time for me...I loved it!), Martha Speaks, a B&W Little Rascals show, Flipper (the old TV episode!)....we had a great time! By the time Corey arrived home, Aidan's fever was rising and Zoe was tired and restless. Poor kids!

Corey had to work on Sunday again. Christy sent me a text before church started to let me know that Aidan's fever was high and Zoe also had a was a rough night for them. She also asked me to put in a prayer request for them. I did. I also offered to leave church if she needed me but she said she was ok. Later she left me another message which said she was heading to an Urgent Care center....Aidan was acting lethargic and his fever was over 104. This was how he was when he had pneumonia. Corey was leaving the show to meet her at Urgent Care. Greta and Lynn headed there too to get Zoe if the wait was too much for her. The wait was long and they brought her here to Nana....the only way, I am told, that she would agree to leave! Aidan does have pneumonia again (one lung affected this time) and a slight ear infection. Back on an antibiotic he goes. Poor kid!! After bringing Zoe here, Greta and Lynn went to the store to get children's Tylenol for her since we didn't have any and she was in need of some. As soon as I gave it to her, she went to sleep. That was good, she needed rest.


The plan was to make a pot of BBQ (sloppy joe's) to take to Smitty and Vonnie's home (our Son-in-law Scott's parents) for a Superbowl party. While Dale was holding a sleeping, coughing Zoe, I made 3 lbs. of Turkey BBQ. Greta and Lynn took Ellen and the food to the party. We weren't sure when Corey would get here for Zoe so we weren't sure if we would make it to the party or not. We didn't. And it was ok. Corey came for Zoe who perked up just before he arrived. She suddenly got off my lap and went to get some books for me to read to her! Corey said Aidan seemed better too before he left. In fact, Christy posted on FB later that he woke up and asked to hear the worship song, You are Amazing God! His fever was down to 99*! Prayers work, folks! He does respond well to antibiotics too. Praise God!

I just heard from Christy. Aidan and Zoe were up several times each during the night. Fevers went up again but not real high. Zoe's temp is normal this morning. Aidan is up and playing. That is good news!!

Now for some other news.......

Hubby has been busy painting and painting. All the cabinet doors that are hung, are now the same color!

He will put a protective coat on them yet and nickle hardware too. Things are still a mess....trying to make the best of it. We also will be replacing the floors in the kitchen, dining/family rooms. Will be a while till it feels settled again....a long while. Still no house sold....still no house bought. Another house got away from us.....trying to be ok with that. I need to take lessons from my son who is more easy going than me. [He gets that from his Dad] Corey says, We WILL find a house when the time is right. He's not uptight about it - Christy and I cannot say the same =/

This post has gotten much longer than I intended. If you made it till the end, thanks for your prayers, your friendship, the encouragement you are to me!

Blessings and Happy Monday!!


Musicaljean said...

I made it to the end, no problem. And I am praying for those precious little ones and the house buying and selling.

Barb said...

Sounds like a challenging weekend for you and the family. I'm praying the little ones will soon be back to normal.
The kitchen looks great!! We must be sisters because I am not a patient person either and want things to be happening fast. I know the Lord has the perfect place for all of you.

Anonymous said...

I know what it feels like to be unsettled for sure. but the time will come when we will be where we are supposed to be. I keep praying for the day. Its hard when the little ones are sick, glad they are feeling better now. As far as the super bowl , it was o.k the Giants won, but the commericials were bad joanne

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry about Aidan and Zoe. I pray that they feel better soon.

What a fun time it looks like you had with your sisters. I know your uncle really enjoyed his time with you.

I love the kitchen cabinets. Very pretty with the wall color. In a couple of weeks, we will have been in the new to us house one year. Still trying to "tweak" things to where it feels like home!!!

Praying for you dear friend.

Mary Ellen said...

I made it to the end, no problem. Your posts are alwasys interesting. Sounds like the rest of your weekend wasn't as you had planned. You do a great job of being flexible. I pray Aidan and Zoe are well soon, and can stay in good health.

Theresa said...

Yep... I read the entire post! Loved seeing the sweet pictures of you and your Sisters! Aren't Sisters the best?

So sorry to hear pneumonia is back, our Alex had a problem several years ago and it was tough to kick!

Hope all is much better now! Have a blessed day dear Doris, I'll be praying! HUGS!